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The Yotpo SMSBump <> ReCharge Integration with New Automation Options

Enjoying the perks of your ReCharge and Yotpo SMSBump integration yet?



Well, it is about to get even better as we are happy to announce the newest options available for the ReCharge Upcoming Payment automation: skip a monthly payment and upsell a product, both possible via a simple keyword

If you enable the Skip a payment option, besides the upcoming payment reminder, your customers will receive a keyword which they can text if they want to skip this month’s subscription payment. As far as the Product upsell option goes - if enabled, customers can purchase an additional product, proposed by you, which will be added to their monthly subscription.

Also, from now on merchants will be able to inform their customers if there is an issue with their monthly subscription payment with the Failed Charge automation. 

Let’s walk you through the set-up process in just a few simple steps.

Note: This guide assumes you already have ReCharge installed and connected to your Yotpo SMSBump account. 


Setting Up the ReCharge Upcoming Payment Automation 

From your SMSBump side menu, go to Automations and click Create new.

Give your automation a relevant name so it is easy for you to track results later on. In this case we named it Recharge Keyword Test.

Next up - from the Automation Type dropdown menu select ReCharge Upcoming Charge located under Integrations.
The next few steps are to configure the recipient, the timing of the text messages and if you want to attach an image or GIF to make your SMS even more appealing. We’re not going to focus on these now, but if you need more information, refer to our knowledge base article.

After you’ve configure the recipient, timing and visuals, next step will be to set up the keyword actions. As we already mentioned, you have two roads you can take. 


Product Upsell Keyword Configuration 

If you want to offer your customers additional products they can purchase on a subscription base, simply click on the Upsell product with a keyword action checkbox and select the product from your inventory you wish to upsell.
We recommend it is something relevant to your customer’s previously bought items for higher chances of conversion.
Once you select the item you want to upsell, a text box will appear where you can configure the keyword trigger text. This is additional text that will be added to your automated upcoming payment reminder, so keep an eye on the word count.

You can check how the text will look like on the test phone on your right.

Important: You cannot substitute the {ADD} short code as this is the indicative keyword, that will allow for the upsell to take place if the customer texts it back.
You can also make changes to the example success message, which will be sent if the customer makes the additional purchase by texting the {ADD} keyword to your dedicated number.

This SMS needs to be plain and simply inform the customer that their monthly subscription is now updated. We recommend you at least include your store name so the customer knows where the SMS is coming from. To make it more personal, you can include their first or last name.

Note: Only use the available short codes as others will not work. 


Skip Monthly Charge Set-Up 

If you wish to provide your customers with the option to skip a monthly delivery, just check the  Skip charge with a keyword action box. Your customers will greatly appreciate that you are providing them with this option, especially in situations where they haven’t used up all the products from their previous delivery. This will allow them to skip a month of their subscription, without having to cancel it.

Again, you will be presented with two new text fields, where you can configure the additional opt-out text and the success text message. The latter will be sent only if the customer replies with the {SKIP} keyword. It’s meant to notify them that they’ve successfully “paused” their subscription for this month, and let them know when their next payment is due.
Important: Do not try to replace the {SKIP} short code as this is the keyword that will indicate the customer wants to skip this month’s delivery.

To finish up your upcoming payment automated notification, scroll to the Text Message field, where you can make any amendments to the SMS to make it fit your brand voice better. To help you with this task, you have the Strength meter at your disposal.

Once you are done configuring the content of your text, you can send a test message to yourself or your colleagues. This will help you spot any mistakes before sending out your SMS.

All good? If you are satisfied with your message, go ahead and hit Save and your automation will be launched. 


Failed Charge Automation Set-up

The Failed Charge automation allows merchants to inform their customers if there is an issue with their subscription payment, so they can quickly resolve it and receive their monthly delivery. 

To begin configuring a Failed Charge automated SMS, select it from the Automation type drop-down menu. 

Next, you have to specify the recipient of your text message which in this case can only be the Customer. Afterwards you need to configure if you wish your message to be sent with a delay, or not. We advise you to leave this option Disabled so your customer receives the Failed Charge notification as soon as ReCharge picks up that there is an issue with the payment processing. 

You can also attach an image or GIF to make your SMS stand out so there is no risk of your customer not opening it. 

In the Text Message field style up the content of your SMS with the help of the available short codes. Note that the default text message we've crafted already contains short codes which fetch important data, such as: 

  • {Error}: this displays the reason why the charge failed and is collected straight from ReCharge. The reasons could be many, amongst which insufficient funds, invalid credit card info, expired credit card etc.
  • {UpdatePaymentURL}: a link to the page where they can verify their payment details and update them 

We recommend you leave these details in the SMS to make it more user-friendly and offer a quick fix. The rest of the text you can amend as much as necessary. Do not forget to give your customers the option to cancel getting notifications from you by selecting the Add STOPXXXXX to opt out checkbox. 

When you are all done creating the text message, hit Save and your Failed Charge automation will be activated and ready to send. 

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