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Syncing SMSBump subscribers to Shopify Customers

As you probably know, every shopper who places an order on your Shopify store will automatically be added to your list of Shopify Customers and now your SMSBump subscribers will too. This will help you keep track of, manage, and segment your customers. The following article will explain how user profiles are synced from SMSBump to Shopify.


Shopify Customers


Available for:


SMSBump users on the Free, Growth, Prime, and Powerhouse plans who collect subscribers via the SMSBump subscriber collection methods.



How does it work?


Every new SMSBump subscriber who provides a valid email address when subscribing will automatically be synced to Shopify Customers, and a customer profile will be created. You don’t need to do anything for the sync to happen. 


Important: Customers who have entered only a phone number will not be synced and a customer profile in Shopify will not be created.


Which subscriber collection methods sync customers to Shopify?


All subscriber collection methods that collect an email address: 


  • Shopify checkout

  • Pop-up

  • Floating button

  • Embedded form

  • Signup page

  • Footer collection

  • List import


Will existing Shopify customers get duplicated? 


No. If a customer already has a profile on your Shopify Customers page, we won’t create a second profile with the same email address. If the existing phone number is different, we will update it with the one coming from the SMSBump subscription.


Is the sync retroactive? 


No. Existing SMSBump subscribers will not be synced with Shopify Customers. Only new ones. 


Can I disable the automatic sync to Shopify Customers?


To disable this function, please contact your CSM or SMSBump support. 

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