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Syncing Klaviyo Contacts with Yotpo SMSBump

The Klaviyo and Yotpo SMSBump integration enables you to create a fully cohesive email and SMS marketing experience: collect subscribers in full compliance through a single interaction and sync across platforms.  


In this article we will walk you through integrating Yotpo SMSBump with Klaviyo, synchronizing subscribers from both platforms, and creating engaging and high-converting customer experiences.


Before we get started, please note that you should have an existing Klaviyo account to use the integration. 



Integrating Klaviyo in Yotpo SMSBump


First, you’ll need an Application programming interface (API) key from your Klaviyo account. Go to your Settings, select the API Keys tab and click the Create Private API Key button. 


Give your new key a recognizable name, choose the Full Access Key option, and click on the Create button. When the key is generated make sure to copy it!


 API Key


Now go to your Yotpo SMSBump account, and find Klaviyo in the Integrations


Klaviyo navigation


You’ll see the integration page, including an overview and settings. Paste the generated API key in the Private API Key field and click on the Install button at the top. 


Install Klaviyo


The page will refresh and the integration between Klaviyo and Yotpo SMSBump will be installed and ready to use from the updated Settings section. 



Syncing email subscribers from Yotpo SMSBump to Klaviyo


To sync email contacts you’ve collected in Yotpo SMSBump to Klaviyo, click on the toggle button on the right. Once activated, choose a list you want to synchronize - it will take just a few seconds and you’ll get a confirmation status message.



Klaviyo SMSBump integration


Important: You can select one list at a time to be synchronized with Klaviyo. 



Syncing Klaviyo contacts to Yotpo SMSBump


Now, it is time to move on and learn how to synchronize Klaviyo contacts in SMSBump. 


Klaviyo lists 


Here you get to sync your Klaviyo SMS subscribers to your SMSBump account. Choose lists or segments you want to synchronize from the dropdown menu. Select one or more existing lists or segments by clicking the checkboxes. You can easily see the number of subscribers within each list/segment right next to its name in the dropdown menu.


When ready, click on the Save button on the right side of the menu. 



Klaviyo SMSBump integration


Once the sync is completed, new lists will be created in SMSBump with a Klaviyo prefix.



Klaviyo Forms


The integration between Yotpo SMSBump and Klaviyo helps merchants synchronize SMS subscribers from Klaviyo subscriber collection forms to lists in SMSBump - in real time!


All you need to do is choose the Klaviyo subscription form you want to use and link it to a list of your choice in SMSBump. 


Go to your Klaviyo account and open one of your subscriber collection forms. You will find its unique code in the final part of the URL of the page. In the example below the unique code is: KrDw4


Form URL


Simply copy and paste the code of the form in the SMSBump integration page, select a list for your new subscribers from the dropdown menu, and confirm that all contacts that opted-in via Klaviyo forms consented to receive marketing communication by checking the box below.


Form sync


Important: You can link multiple Klaviyo subscriber collection forms to a list in SMSBump, but one form can be linked with only one list. 


Now your contacts will be perfectly synced and every time someone subscribes from a Klaviyo form, it will be added to your Yotpo SMSBump list!



Using SMSBump events in Klaviyo


To enhance the integration and give merchants the opportunity to personalize their Klaviyo flows and segmentation, we created 5 custom events: 


  • SMSBump SMS Sent: Informs of a successful SMS delivery. 

  • SMSBump SMS Failed: Informs of a failed SMS delivery. 

  • SMSBump Subscribed: Informs of a new subscriber.

  • SMSBump Unsubscribed: Informs of a new unsubscriber. 

  • SMSBump SMS Clicked: Informs of a click on any shortened link in an SMS.


To view your SMSBump events in Klaviyo simply go to your Metrics section.


This was our tutorial on enabling the Klaviyo integration in SMSBump! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us

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