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How to Enable and Use the Yotpo SMSBump Chat

Did you know that every single text marketing campaign you send can continue as a chat conversation in Yotpo SMSBump’s Chat feature?


All our users have the ability to reach out to customers and resolve any pressing issues, answer questions on new orders, and respond to their feedback all through a user-friendly chat layout. This feature is currently available only for customers based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and France, but we are working on adding more countries to this list.


This quick tutorial will show you how to enable and use the Yotpo SMSBump chat to deliver excellent customer experience.


Getting Started


To access our Chat feature navigate to Chats from the SMSBump dashboard. After that, click on the Enable Chat button.


SMSBump chat


Congratulations! The SMSBump Chat feature is now enabled.


Once a customer responds to one of your SMS marketing campaigns, their text message will appear in the SMSBump chat.


Inbox and SMS Conversations


Now you can start chatting with your customers using text messages. 


This is how the whole dashboard looks like:


  • The search field and the Inbox are on the left
  • The chat/conversation with a customer is in the middle
  • The customer details are shown in the right section


You can find detailed information regarding each section below.



Inbox is divided in two sections: All and Archived messages. You can easily switch between the two and quickly find what you are looking for.


You can also use the search box above and initiate specific searches through the content of all your messages.



In order to search for a specific conversation, type the customer’s phone number or name which will make the conversation appear instantly on the right.


You have the ability to mark important conversations as Favorite - by clicking on the heart icon next to the name of the customer. This will put them as a bookmark on the top of the message list - disregarding time and last activity. If you want to remove a message from top of the list, simply click again on the heart icon.



Customer Profiles


Your customer profile has the following sections: 
  1. Personal Information

    Name: This is the name the customer used when they made an account with you.

    Address: This is the address registered by the customer in his Shopify account. If you know the address of a customer, it makes it easier for you to decide whether you want to give them free shipping or another type of discount.

    Email and phone number: email address and phone number the customer has used to register forto you.

  2. Customer Behavior

    Client since: this will show you how long this person has been your customer. Are they a new customer, or have they been with you for some time now.  The Information here will help you decide how to approach them in the best possible way.

    Number of orders: is this a regular customer or have they not placed an order in your store just yet? Knowing the total number of orders will give you a better understanding of how much this customer is engaged with you and your business. And will help you plan your retention tactics ahead.

    Total money spent: shows you the total amount of money the customer has spent at your store. This stat is very important when you try to segment your customers for different discount promotions.

  3. Chat Stats

    Chats in total: Shows the total number of customers who have engaged in a chat with you.

    Chats for the last 24h: How many people have contacted you in the last 24 hours.

    Response time: Your average time of response to messages from your customers. Fast response to requests is a crucial part of the overall customer experience. It is very important to reduce the response time as much as possible.

    Unread chats: The number here better be 0 at the end of the day! :) This part of the menu shows how much unread messages you have currently in your inbox. And again – responding accurately is very important for your store.

    Archived chats: The number of archived chats. If your archive chat requests as soon as they are resolved, the number here will show you a job well done! 


How to Respond to a Message?


Once a customer starts a conversation, you can reply by writing in the text box and clicking Send.


Use emojis to make your customer support more human and seem less robotic.


You can also send your customers images or GIFs within the SMSBump chat - currently this option is available to U.S. numbers only.


Simply click on the image icon in the bottom right corner of the chat:




Then you can choose among a few options: GIPHY, GIPHY Stickers, PEXELS or Upload an image from your computer.



Important: Each text message reply you send is charged as a single standard text message until the text exceeds the 160-character limit, in which case you get charged for an additional message. Keep an eye on the SMS counter, and the message cost which automatically adjusts to the customer’s country location.


How to Archive Conversations?


The Archive feature allows you to tidy up your inbox by sending messages which you have already answered to in the archive folder. This helps you focus on more recent and unresolved conversations.


Open the chat you want to archive and click on the Archive button in the top right corner of the chat window. The message instantly goes to the Archived section of your Inbox.



Then you have 2 options:


  • Leave it in Archive: it will remain there in case you want to deal with it in the future OR if you decide to delete it.
  • Unarchive Chat: you can use this feature in case you want to bring back a certain message from the Archived to All section of your Inbox. In order to do that, simply click on the Unarchive chat button in the top right corner. Note that if this is an older conversation, it will not show at the very top, but will be placed according to the date and time of the last message sent in it.


How to Delete Conversations?


In order to delete a message, you first need to archive it. Then go to the Archived section, find the message and click the Delete button.


A screen will pop-up, asking you if you are sure you want to proceed with deleting this conversation. If you wish to permanently delete the chat, click Delete. To go back and not delete it, click Cancel.



How to Unsubscribe Customers?


If at any time you want to unsubscribe a certain customer from your subscription list, simply click on the Unsubscribe button below their name in the right part of the window.



An additional dialogue box will appear in order for you to confirm your decision.



Once unsubscribed, the user won't be able to receive any text messages from you in the future.


SMS Chat Key Benefits


Now that you already know how to enable, set up and use the SMS Chat feature it is time to review some of its key benefits for your Shopify store:


  1. Enabling customers to get in touch with you in a fast, personal and direct communication channel - text messaging.
  2. Creating a reliable way to answer customer questions directly relating to specific offers, marketing campaigns, product promotions, announcements, etc.
  3. Building strong customer relationships through exceptional customer service and support for your most engaged visitors.
  4. Promoting your brand as a proactive business that stands out among others by finding a way to reach your customers directly and provide help & assistance on important matters.


Installing Smart Integrations


Organize, keep track of, and respond to customer inquiries in an instant using smart integrations that make chat correspondence flow smoothly. Install one of these integrations in order to:


  1. Gorgias: Customer replies open new tickets in Gorgias. Send text messages straight from your ticket communication with customers. New feature! Users can reply with images (MMS) in Yotpo SMSBump and these images would appear immediately in the customer chat in Gorgias as well.
  2. ZenDesk: Solve all customer inquiries using a proven ticketing system that automatically assigns a unique ticket for each new conversation.
  3. Slack: Receive constant updates on your Slack channel on any replies in your chat. 

For further information, regarding how to set up and use SMS Chat on Shopify, contact our Customer Support!

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