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Setting Customer Location Rules in Segments

Setting customer segment rules based on where a customer lives will allow you to send targeted SMS marketing campaigns during specific holidays, in different languages, and product discounts according to regional interests.


In this post you will learn how to create a dynamic segment that collects and adds new customers who correspond to a specific customer location:


  • Located in specific country

  • Not located in specific country

  • Is located in EU

  • Is located outside of EU

  • Proximity to location


Getting Started


Under the Type dropdown menu, select Segment.


After that, enter a unique name for your segment that corresponds well to the customer behavior. Click on Create to save your segment.




Your segment has now been created.


Important: We’ve created an instructional blog post for each segment filter. You can click on the filters below to learn how to set them up later.


Under Select filter and Location based you can click on the desired filter. Let’s start off with Located in specific country.



Located in Specific Country


Choose the country you would like your contacts to be segmented from. If you are targeting US customers and selling sunscreen for example, you may further specify multiple state locations by typing them in the field box. You may also choose specific countries for sending texts in different languages.


You have the option to choose not located in specific country, if you’d like to exclude customers from certain regions.




Is Located in EU


Select this segment rule in order to feel safe knowing that your SMS marketing campaign complies with GDPR considerations.


On the other hand, you may select Is located outside of EU when GDPR is irrelevant.


Proximity to Location


The segment rule Proximity to location, allows you to select the radius in which customers are located in. Create a specific marketing campaign that caters to the interests of customers living in a certain geographic area.




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