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Setting Customer Behavior Rules in Segments


Setting customer behavior rules will help you create targeted SMS marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on their unique actions.


In this post you will learn how to create a dynamic segment that collects and adds new customers who correspond to a specific customer behavior:


  • Money spent: Segment customers who have spent a sum equal to, less than, or greater than the one you set.

  • Placed an order: Segment customers who have placed an order in the last week, in the last 3 months, in the last year, in the last month, exact date, on or before, on or after a certain date.

  • Not ordered since: Segment customers who have not ordered since last week, last month, last three months, last year, or exact date.

  • Number of orders: Segment customers who have made a number of orders equal to, less than or greater than the amount you set.

  • Ordered specific product/s: Segment customers who have ordered specific product/s by selecting them from your store.

  • Not ordered specific product/s: Segment customers who have not ordered specific product/s by selecting them from your store.

  • Ordered from a collection: Segment customers who have ordered from a specific collection you select from your store.

  • Not ordered from a collection: Segment customers who have not ordered from a specific collection you select from your store.

  • Abandoned an order: Segment customers who have abandoned an order last week, last month, in the last 3 months, in the last year, exact date, on or before, on or after a certain date.


Getting Started




Under the Type dropdown menu, select Segment. After, enter a unique name for your segment that corresponds well to the customer behavior. Click on Create to save your segment.


Your segment has now been created.



Under Select filter and Customer behavior click on the desired filter. Let’s start off with how to set up Money spent.




Money Spent


You should use this filter to reward big spenders, and stimulate those customers who spend less, with personal discounts.

Click on the drop down menu to either choose equal to, less than, greater than and enter the sum of money spent in the adjacent field box.




You can add an additional filter, if you’d like to refine your segment. Click on the Add filter button to add another filter, and set its parameters.




Placed an Order


Let’s continue on with Placed an order. This filter is great to use when you are trying to target customers who have recently made an order with a special discount, or bring back customers who haven’t ordered in while by promoting an exciting new product.


Choose a time frame for when they last placed an order from the drop down menu, and then click on Update rules.



Not Ordered Since


Stimulate customers that haven’t made a purchase in a long time by presenting them with a unique discount, or show off some of your new products to peak their curiosity and visit your store.





Number of Orders


Use this behavior filter to strengthen your customer loyalty by rewarding customers who’ve made many orders with special offers and give incentives to those who don’t order as much.





Ordered/Not Ordered Specific Products


Use this filter to offer similar products to customers who have bought a particular item in the past, or catch their attention by introducing a new style of shoes that has been added to your store.





You can also use the Not ordered specific product/s if you are trying to boost sales for a particular product to customers who haven’t bought it before. Make sure you write a convincing message that will highlight the product’s quality.




Ordered/Not Ordered from a Collection


Do you have an exclusive sale coming up for your handmade hat collection? Use the ordered from a collection filter to segment customers who have ordered products from a specific collection, and send out personalized deals according to your customer interests.


Use the Not ordered from a collection if your goal is to stimulate some interest in a collection that does not have many orders.



Abandoned an Order


Remind customers who’ve abandoned their cart to complete their purchase, by offering them a sweet deal if they do it in the next 24 hours. Adding a sense of urgency will push customers to act fast and reward them at the same time.



Once you are happy with the rules you’ve set, click on the button Update Rules.



Your segment rules are now updated.

Your segment will appear under Lists & Segments.


Under Actions you will be able to:


  • Update rules: Delete or add new rules to your segment.

  • Send campaign: Send a text marketing campaign to the customers in your segment.

  • Edit name: Edit the segment name.

  • Delete: Delete the segment.


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