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Scale Your Business with Intercart and SMSBump

Did you know you can use Intercart and SMSBump together? And you do not even need to install an integration to do that.

But first, let’s take a look at all the powerful features Intercart offers.


Convert More Customers with Intercart’s Customisable Funnel


Intercart is a new and uprising app which provides custom checkouts. You can set different checkout funnels depending on the country or region where you sell and tailor the whole checkout process. You can easily add different elements such as time limit, customer testimonials, payment and shipping guaranties.


In addition to that, the tool allows you to A/B test your funnels so you can optimise your checkout process.    


Combining the two apps will allow you to grow your subscribers list while your customers buy from you. You will be able to send them abandoned cart reminders and order confirmations.


How to Combine SMSBump with Intercart?


Our Integration with Intercart does not work the way other integrations work. You do not really need to install or launch anything. Just set your checkout funnel in Intercart, use the pre-set automations within SMSBump, and Shopify will take care of the rest.


If you are an active SMSBump user and you have already set up your account and activated your automations, then you can just sit back and relax, and just enjoy the results. 

But if you are just getting started, here are some quick tips on how to make sure you set up your account correctly and you are ready to go.


Make sure you added a field for collecting phone numbers.


The first step is to set up Shopify Checkout SMS Marketing Compliance. Add an opt in checkbox in the checkout page of your store. To enable it, navigate to Shopify Settings > Checkout > Email Marketing > Show a sign-up option at checkout.

While you are there navigate to Shipping address phone number and make it optional.

Next, you need to tailor the checkbox labels.


To do so, scroll down to Checkout language and click on Manage checkout language.

Search for Checkout Marketing. The field there is called Accept marketing checkbox label.


Add the following text in the field:


“Sign up for exclusive offers and news via text messages & email.”

Under Phone Label and Optional Phone Label add:


"Phone number for updates and exclusive offers"

Congrats - you are done with the first step! Now every time a customer makes a purchase on your website with Intercart, you will be able to collect their phone number, too.


Next you will need to activate the automations you would like to use.


Activate automations


The two most important automations to use with Intercart are the abanoned cart reminder and order confirmation.


Configure your abandoned cart automation


There are two pre-set abanonded cart automations that you can activate right away. The first will send a reminder to your customers after 1 hour of leaving their cart behind and the other one – after 1 day.

You can also edit them and tailor the copy to your own brand language.


You can create a custom abandoned cart automation from the Create new automation button, too.


For more information on how to set it up, check out this video:



When you activate an abandoned cart automation, an SMS reminder will be sent every time a customer leaves a cart in the Intercart's checkout funnel.


Set an order confirmation


Once your customers make a purchase with the custom Intercart checkout, you can show them extra care by sending them an order confirmation SMS. You can do that by activating our Order Created automated message. Select the blue button next to it if you wish to Edit the automation.

Here is a preview of how the automated message looks like:

For even better results we recommend you to also use the Shipping confirmation, which would notify your customers the moment you ship the item and will send them a tracking number.


If you wish to go an extra mile and make sure your customers are happy with their purchase, you can use the Order Delivered Feedback automation. Here is an example of how the message will look like.

To sum it up: 


- Grow sales by customising your checkout funnels with Intercart;


- Make sure you collect your customers' phone numbers so you can retarget them later on;


- Activate your abandoned cart automations to recover more sales;


- Give your customers special care with personalised order confirmation messages.


Follow these simple steps and sales and ROI will grow like never before. 


Chat with us if you have more questions.


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