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Reviewing Your SMS Marketing Campaigns in Analytics

The Analytics feature in SMSBump allows Shopify store owners to get a detailed look at what Automations and Text Marketing campaigns are bringing them and help them make effective decisions for the future. Additionally, there are individual reports for Automations and Text Marketing so you can pinpoint the exact measures that need to be taken ahead.


This post will focus on how to review the statistics presented in the Text Marketing section of Analytics.


Getting There


Click on Analytics in the app side menu, and after that on Text Marketing.


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | Get started with SMS Marketing Campaign analytics in Shopify


You will now be able to view all of your text marketing campaigns listed, starting with the most recent.

  • Name: This is the name of your text marketing campaign. Click on it to navigate to the Campaign Summary page in which you will be able to gain detailed insight you can use to improve your marketing strategy.

  • Sent: The number of messages that were sent during a specific campaign.

  • Clicks: The number of clicks that were made from the messages sent during a campaign.

  • Revenue: The revenue generated from a specific campaign.

  • Scheduled Date: The date the text marketing campaign was activated and sent.

  • Actions: View Campaign (view detailed statistics on the success of your campaign), Repeat Campaign (launch the same campaign again). 


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | Text marketing campaigns statistics


Viewing Your Campaign Summary


When you click on a specific campaign, you are taken to the Campaign Summary page which lets you review statistics relevant to your marketing efforts.


  • Campaign Revenue: This is the revenue your campaign has generated. Important: Your Campaign Revenue is only trackable if you have enabled the link shortening option when setting up your campaign.

  • Campaign Cost: The amount of money you have spent on your campaign.

  • Total Orders: The total number of orders that were made during your campaign.

  • Average Order Size: The average cost of orders that customers have made during your campaign.

  • Total Link Clicks: The total number of times a link was clicked from the messages sent in your campaign.

  • Click Through Rate: A percentage representing the message links that were clicked.

  • Total Messages: The total number of messages that were sent during your campaign.

  • Sent: All messages that were successfully sent during your campaign.

  • Failed: All messages that failed to send during your campaign.

  • Unsubscribed: The number of customers that have unsubscribed during your campaign.

  • Landlines: The number of messages that were undelivered because a landline number was provided. When this happens, you are still charged but issued a refund short after.

  • Conversion: A percentage representing the orders which were completed from the clicks made (orders divided by total links clicks).


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | SMS Marketing Campaign Summary


When you hover over the Revenue or Spent bar in the graph, you can view the numbers for each. If you consider your campaign was successful, click on the Repeat campaign button to launch it again.


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | SMS Marketing Campaign Revenue & Spend Statistics




Click on the Messages tab in the chart in order to view:


  • To: This is the number the message was sent to.

  • Date: The date the number was sent from your side.

  • Text: Click on Show message to display the message and read it. Press Hide message to hide it.

  • Price: How much the message cost.

  • Status: The status of the message can either be sent, failed, rejected, blocked, or landline. In the case a message was sent to a landline number, you will be charged and issued a refund short after as text messages can only be sent to mobile phones.

SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | SMS Marketing Messages


By Country


Click on the tab By Country to sort messages by country and view:


  • Country: Under this column you will find all of the countries text messages were sent to during your campaign.

  • Number of sent messages: The number of messages that were sent to each country.

  • Percentage of all messages: The percentage of all messages that were sent to each country.

  • Price: The cost of the messages that were sent to each country.


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | SMS Marketing Messages Country Targeting and Volume




When you click on the Clicks tab you will see:

  • Recipient: This is the phone number of the customer who received the message and clicked on a link.

  • URL: This is the URL link that a specific customer clicked on in the message you sent.

  • Clicks: The amount of times a customer has clicked on the link.

  • Last Click On: The date the customer last clicked on the link.


SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | Most Clicked SMS Marketing Campaigns




Click on the Orders tab and you’ll be able to view:


  • Order Number: Use this order number to communicate with a customer about the status of their order, and answer any questions they might have about it.

  • Total Amount: This is the total cost of the order the customer paid.

  • Conversion Date: The date the purchase was made.

SMSBump Text Marketing Analytics | Text Marketing Generated Orders

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