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Adding AI-Powered Cross-Sell Recommendations to your SMS Flows

Leveraging cross-sell texts to your customers is now easier than ever, thanks to the AI-driven product recommendation flows in Yotpo SMSBump. Increase personalization with an algorithm that analyzes the tastes and preferences of shoppers, as well as past purchase history, and suggests the perfect product for each shopper.  


The following article will show how to quickly set up a cross-sell flow with a personalized product recommendation. 



How do personalized recommendations work


Merchants no longer need to suggest products manually. The Yotpo SMSBump engine suggests a set of relevant products for each customer based on order history in the store. Different customers receive different recommendations. 


Important: In case a user doesn’t have an order history, the algorithm will suggest products based on statistics and trends computed for the store



Using personalized recommendations


Adding recommendations to your text messages is quick and easy. Simply navigate to Flows & Automations in the main dashboard menu, and click on Flows




Click on Create Flow and start making a new one



New Flow



Once in the editor, start by choosing the Cross-sell trigger and configuring the product(s) that will trigger the flow.  







Next, add an SMS/MMS message action as a next step, and the Use personalized recommendations option will already be ticked in the Product recommendation section. 




Continue setting up your flow as usual, and don’t forget to Save


This was our quick tutorial on setting up a cross-sell flow with a personalized product recommendation. Check out our Knowledge Base for more helpful articles, and feel free to contact us for any feedback or questions. 


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