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Setting Up a New Subscriber Confirmation Automation

Welcoming your new subscribers right from the get-go is important and the first step to establishing a lasting relationship.

Think about it: when you have guests over, they’d feel a lot more welcomed in your home if you greet them at the door. And giving them a treat - now that’s going to give them the impression that you are a good host.

Same goes for online stores.

To make it easier for you (and make sure you never miss the occasion to greet your newest subscribers), Yotpo SMSBump provides you with the option to set up an automated New Subscriber message. All Shareable Link opt-ins will receive this text message as soon as they subscribe, or with a delay - if you choose that option.


Please note that the Welcome automation is not triggered by checkout subscriptions.


Let’s show you how to enable it and quickly turn your new SMS subscribers into regular customers. 


Setting up Your First New Subscriber Confirmation Automation 

First, from your SMSBump side menu, go to Automations. To begin creating your New Subscriber confirmation message, hit Create new automation.
Give your automation a proper name, one that would make it easy for you to track click-through and open rates from your Yotpo SMSBump Analytics later one. For the sake of the example, we’ve named our Welcome New Subscribers June 2020.
Next up is selecting the right automation event from the dropdown under Automation Type. In this case, this would be New Subscriber confirmation, located under Subscription.
As a recipient, pick Customer because this automation is meant for your subscribers to receive.
Afterwards, you can set the timing of your message, whether you want it to fire off immediately after a new subscriber has opted in, or set it to launch a couple of minutes, hours or even days later. In the case of this event, we advise you to leave the delay disabled because new subscribers would want to know right away that they’ve successfully opted in to receive your text marketing notifications, especially if the confirmation messages comes with a sweet “Welcome to the club” incentive they’d want to use instantly.
Note: even if you leave it disabled, the automation will respect the Quiet hours and will not fire off until they are over. More on that you can read here


Images and Copy 

Do you want to really make an impression? Greet your US-based subscribers with a message that also has an eye-grabbing visual attached. Choose among the variety of images from Pexels, pick an interactive GIF from GIPHY, or create one of your own to best represent your brand and upload it.
Keep in mind that visuals increase your available character count to 1600 per text message.

Last but not least - time to put your greeting message together. Now, since this is your first point of 1-on-1 interaction with your customer, try to be as informative as possible. Let them know they’ve subscribed for your brand’s text marketing updates, tell them how many updates they should expect to receive on a monthly basis, perhaps even provide them with a little treat to nudge them to make their first purchase with you as an “official” subscriber.

For better brand recognition. include your store name, using the available short codes - {SiteName} or {SiteUrl}. The latter include in case you won’t be providing a discount url, so subscribers can easily access your store. Don’t add {SiteUrl} if you will be including a discount as the discount link will lead them to your website anyway.
If you wish to add a discount, select the Add discount checkbox and select the type of discount you’d like to offer them (Step 1). This could either be a: 

  • Unique code (Recommended): select from fixed amount ($5), percentage (5%), or free shipping (Step 2);

  • Same discount for all: select from the discount codes you have already created in your Shopify store. See how to create a universal discount code here

Select the discount amount next (Step 3) and specify which collection/product on your website you want the link to lead customers to (Step 4). If you leave the space under step 4 blank (see below), the link will take them to your homepage.
Once you are ready with this, click Add discount code to add the link to your text message and complete the process (Step 5). 

The last ingredient to your new subscriber confirmation SMS is the opt out option. They might have accidentally subscribed for your services so you need to give them an easy way to unsubscribe. Don’t forget to include this by simply selecting the Add STOP to opt put checkbox, as it’s a violation of some very important TCPA and GDPR regulations and could result in some heavy fines.

Now that you have included the opt out lingo, the Strength meter will let you know that your message is truly powerful. Congrats!

Testing and Saving

From here on out you could either Test your automation…
… and send the text message to an available staff number, or Add more numbers if you wish for a different number to receive your message, one that’s not listed among your other test contacts. See how to do that here

Click Ok when you’ve decided and the number/s you specified should receive the test text message. 
All good? Hit Save and if you are a store that sells outside of the US and Canada, let our system switch out the "STOP" keyword with a link so customers have a way to unsubscribe. This will increase your character count by 12. You can also preview the message:
To apply the change, hit Good, make the change. If you only have customers in the US and Canada, however, you could leave the message as is, by selecting No, keep the “Stop” keyword!

If all is good, you will now see your New Subscriber confirmation automation on the top of your list of automations.
From here, you can:

  • Change it’s status from the down-pointing arrow and have it either be Active or Inactive

  • Edit it by clicking the blue pencil button

  • Check its performance in your SMSBump Analytics panel 

  • Delete it

Keep in mind that for the SMS marketing subscription preference to be saved, the customer needs to complete the checkout and finish their order. If the customer doesn’t complete the checkout process, they won’t be signed to your text marketing services, and no SMS automations or flows will be triggered.



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