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Managing Your Scheduled SMS Campaigns in Yotpo SMS

The Scheduled Campaigns in Yotpo SMS allows store owners to review and track the progress of their marketing messages before they are sent. You’ll be able to review the text that will be sent, remind yourself of its scheduled send time, view the message cost, and you can also cancel a campaign if you change your mind at any time.


The following article will walk you through managing your scheduled campaigns in Yotpo SMS. 



How to Open Scheduled Campaigns


Gaining access to your scheduled campaigns requires you to have an SMS marketing campaign scheduled for some point in the future.


Click on Scheduled Campaigns under SMS Campaigns from the main Yotpo SMS menu. (The number on the side displays how many upcoming campaigns you have pending).

SMS Marketing

The Scheduled Campaigns page will appear and list all of your upcoming text marketing campaigns.

  • Name: This is the name you gave your campaign during its setup.

  • Cost: The amount of money you have spent on this campaign.

  • Last Modified: The date your campaign was last edited.

  • Scheduled For: The date your campaign is scheduled to be sent.

  • Actions: Click on the View button to be taken to a summary page of your scheduled campaign, and click on the Cancel button to cancel your campaign.


Scheduled Campaign Summary Page


When you click on the View button under Actions, you will be able to view a summary of a specific scheduled campaign, track its progress, see the text message as well as all scheduled and sent messages. 


SMSBump Scheduled Campaigns | Text message sending progress


Progress & Rescheduling


You will be able to track the progress of how many campaigns have been sent out of the total scheduled. Below the progress bar, you are notified of the time remaining before your campaign is sent.


Click on Change scheduled date to reschedule the campaign date for another time. A calendar will pop up, and you will be able to choose a new date and time.




This was our quick tutorial on managing your scheduled campaigns. Feel free to check out the rest of our helpful articles or contacts us if you have any questions or feedback. ‚Äč

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