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Introduction to Automations

SMS marketing automation allows businesses to connect with customers and increase sales through custom text messages triggered by specific events. 


This article will introduce you to all text message automations in the Yotpo SMSBump app that will boost your sales and increase customer engagement.



Automations dashboard


In the Yotpo SMSBump dashboard menu, click on Flows & Automations and then Automations




You’ll see an overview of all preset automations, which you can edit and personalize. The buttons at the top allow you to create a new automation, visit the automation analytics page or watch a video tutorial. The list below displays how many times an automation was sent, the number of link clicks, the revenue generated, and its status. You can activate and deactivate an existing automation by changing its status and take the following actions:


  • Edit: Customize the automation.

  • View analytics: Review the performance of the specific automation.

  • Clone: Make a copy of the automation.

  • Delete: Remove the automation.




You can also create a new automation by clicking on the Create new button above the Automations list.


Types of automations


Here are all the different types of SMS automations you can choose from in the Yotpo SMSBump app:


Customer Retention


  • Abandoned checkout reminder: Triggered when a customer abandons their shopping cart. Use this automation to remind shoppers of the item(s) they left behind. Adding a small incentive in the form of a discount is recommended.

  • Customer winback: This SMS automation will be triggered periodically and will target customers who have not purchased anything in the specified period. 

  • Product upsell: Sent to the customer after they place an order. This automation will recommend a product to the customer based on what they purchased. Setting a delay is recommended.


Customer Care


  • Cash on delivery: An SMS automation sent to the customer to confirm payment after placing an order with the Cash on Delivery payment option.

  • New order: An order confirmation SMS automation sent to the customer after they place an order.

  • Order delivered feedback: An automated SMS notifying that the order has been delivered and asking the customer for feedback.


  • Shipping confirmation: An automated SMS notification sent to the customer when their order is shipped, including delivery details.




  • New subscriber confirmation: An automated SMS sent to customers to confirm their subscription to your text marketing messages. We recommend using this automation with delay set to Disabled.

  • Form subscriber confirmation: An automated SMS sent to customers to confirm their subscription via one of SMSBump’s subscription forms. This type of automation can be activated only after publishing a subscription form.


Shopify Store Events


  • Customer deleted: An automated admin SMS automation sent to store owners whenever a customer is deleted from your Shopify shop.

  • New customer registration: This SMS automation will be triggered when a new customer registers in your store or is added manually by the store admin.

  • Order canceled: Automated SMS notification sent to customers when their order is canceled.

  • Order paid: Automated SMS notification that the customer's order payment is confirmed.

  • Order refund: Automatically notify customers using SMS for orders when they are refunded.

  • Product created: An SMS automation that can be sent to customers and admins that a new product has been created in your Shopify store.

  • Product deleted: An SMS automation sent to customers in case a product is deleted from your store.

  • Shipping update: Automated SMS notifications sent to customers when their fulfilled order's tracking numbers are updated.


This was our quick introduction to all automations available in the Yotpo SMSBump app. You can check out our Knowledge Base for more helpful articles or contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

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