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How to View and Understand Yotpo SMSBump Reports

It is crucial for all eCommerce businesses to be able to track and analyze the results of their marketing efforts. Having an overview of all the important trends and growth metrics is key to finding what works well and what doesn't, and will surely allow you to adjust your strategy and maximize success in the long run. 


Yotpo SMSBump’s detailed reports will help you:


  • Better understand where your new subscribers are coming from and how they grow over time.
  • Get an overview of the percentage of unsubscribing users and the possible reasons behind it.
  • Evaluate the results of each SMS campaign, automation, and flow.
  • Track and analyze the performance of your overall SMS marketing strategy.


Get quick and easy access to valuable insights on your SMS results! Each report can be generated and downloaded as a CSV file to your computer. Just select a timeframe for your data to be organized and start tracking your performance!


Report Types and Benefits


Subscribers Report


The data in this report will help you understand where your SMS subscribers are coming from and how they are growing over time. The subscribers report will show the total subscriber count per source over a time period of your choice.


Unsubscribers Report


This report will show you the number and the percentage of your SMS recipients who have unsubscribed from your text marketing services for the chosen time period - distributed per campaign, automation, or flow. 


Campaign Performance Report


This report tracks the performance of your SMS campaigns over a certain period of time and shows the scheduled dates and the results distributed per campaign. You can go through metrics, such as revenue, cost, ROI, number of sent messages, number of clicks, CTR, CVR, number of orders, AOV, and unsubscription rates.


Automation & Flow Performance Report


This report will help you better understand how your SMS Automations and Flows perform over time. Analyzed metrics are the same as in the Campaign report: revenue, cost, ROI, number of sent messages, number of clicks, CTR, CVR, number of orders, AOV, and unsubscription rates.


Total SMS Revenue Report


This is where you’ll get to track and analyze the success of your entire SMS Marketing strategy: the cost, the revenue, and the ROI of each campaign, automation, or flow.


How to generate reports in Yotpo SMSBump


Go to your main SMSBump dashboard and click on Reports in the Analytics section from the main menu on the left.


SMSBump reports


This is where you will find the 5 report types: Subscribers Report, Unsubscribers Report, Campaign Performance Report, Automation & Flow Performance Report, Total SMS Revenue Report.


SMSBump reports


To create a new report of your choice, simply click the Generate button below each option. You will be prompted to choose a timeframe for the data within the report: last X days, last X months, or a custom period).


When creating a Subscribers report or a Total SMS revenue report, you get a bonus setting: you can choose how you want the data organized (by day, by week, or by month).


SMSBump reports


Click the Save & Export button, and the data export will be created. You can find it in the Reports menu below:


SMSBump reports


Here you’ll find all reports you have generated recently, their status, period, and when they were last updated. Keep in mind that the status updates every 30 seconds, and every report expires after 14 days


You can choose to either download a report (in a CSV format)...


SMSBump reports


...or delete it.


SMSBump reports


With the help of Yotpo SMSBump reports, you get quick and easy access to valuable data that will help you track and analyze the performance of your overall text marketing efforts.

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