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How to Use the Personal Discounts in Yotpo SMSBump OLD

The unique codes you create with Yotpo SMSBump’s personal discounts let you send more personalized and individual promotions to your SMS subscribers. This article will help you understand the following:


  • How the Personal Discounts work in Yotpo SMSBump

  • How to use them to grow your sales

  • How to manage them from Shopify


Let’s show you how to add Personal Discounts in your SMS marketing campaigns & automations, and how to adjust them to your exact offers.


How to Create a Personal Discount


You can do that in any of the text message composers around the app, both in Text Marketing and Automations.


The discounts you add are automatically added to the links you enter in your text message.


Click the Add discount checkbox to begin.



Short codes:


You will see two new short codes connected to the discounts:


  • {DiscountCode} - this will be replaced with the unique discount code when sent to your subscriber.

  • {DiscountCodeUrl} - this is the URL with the embedded discount inside so customers see it at checkout.


Personal Discounts


Once you see the discount code popup, you will see three main sections:



1 Discount Type - Unique or Same


Select between the two types of discount you can create:


  • Unique code per customer (Recommended): this setting enables the Personal Discounts you can create with SMSBump for Shopify.


When you select this setting, each of your subscribers will receive a different unique discount code that’s just for them. This gives your messages a more personal feel and enables better tracking for your SMS marketing performance.


  • Same discount for all customers: this setting lets you select a default Shopify discount you previously created.


Selecting this will give you an option to choose from all your discounts so you can create any kind of offer you want from your Shopify store and use it in a text message promotion.


2 Discount Code - Fixed Amount, Percentage, or Free Shipping


After you select Unique code per customer, you are presented with three types of discounts you can create.


  • Fixed amount - this sends a discount code that will deduct a certain amount from your customer’s checkout, for example $10, $20, $40. This is defined in the Discount Value field to the right.




  • Percentage - this sends a discount code that deducts a certain percentage off the checkout total of your customers, for example 5%, 10%, 25%. This is defined in the Discount Value field to the right.



  • Free Shipping - this sends a discount that automatically alleviates all shipping costs from your customer’s checkout. You can select only specific countries that are eligible for free shipping, or make it global by selecting All Countries.



3 Discount Link - Homepage or Specific URL


Make the personal discount site-wide by leaving the field empty and applying it to your homepage so every order a customer makes will be with this discount.


Alternatively, you can make the discount specifically designed for a single product or a specific collection.


You simply need to paste the URL to the product or collection that you want to apply the discount to in the field and will automatically be added to the customer’s checkout if they make an order.


The field is called Embed the discount code in a link and it will be selected by default for your Abandoned checkout URLs. This way the discount is automatically embedded in the abandoned cart link your customers will use to recover their orders.



After you successfully create your personal discount, it will be applied in the URL and you’ll be able to use the {DiscountCode} short code to add the discount code inside the message.


Pro Tip: Adding the unique discount code helps convert more because a lot of customers prefer to take the code from their messages and complete their checkout on a desktop or other device.


Same Discount for All

You can use discounts that will be the same for all your customers, for example SUMMER019.



Same discount for all customers gives you a single dropdown where you select one of your default Shopify discounts.


These discounts are only available after you create them from your store.



After you select your disconut, you can add a specific link that it’s going to be valid for. Simply use the URL field below to paste the exact link you want to add your discount to.


Leave the URL field empty if you want the discount to be site-wide.



How to Manage My Personal Discounts


Both your personal discounts and the ones that are the same for all customers are managed from your Shopify store discounts.



You can see the difference between the default discounts and Yotpo SMSBump’s personal discounts with the blue label tag saying “App”.


To manage and adjust your discounts, simply open one of them to see the possible settings you can tweak.



1. View all codes. This is the number of personal discount codes created by SMSBump. You can view all of the individual codes your subscribers received.


2. Summary. This is the discount value, the target audience, the usage limitation and the start date.


3. Discount types. View and manage the current discount type. Remember that the Buy X get Y discount type is NOT available for the SMSBump Personal Discounts.


4. Performance. Track the number of times your discount code was used by your recipients.


Personal Discount Value and Audience

You can adjust the value and audience targeting using the fields here.



1. Value. Modify the discount value for the selected discount type.


2. Applies to. Limit your discount only to specific collections or products, or leave it site-wide for the entire order.


3. Minimum Requirements. You can create conditions for your discount and make it available only after the customer has made an order bigger than $X amount, or has added a minimum quantity of items to their cart.


4. Customer Eligibility. You can target all your subscribers, specific customer groups, or specific subscribers.


Yotpo SMSBump Personal Discount Validity

If you want to limit the number of times the discount can be used, you can do it in the Usage limits field over here. Alternatively, you can make the discount limit more than one so your SMS subscribers can use it multiple times.



The most important part of this section is the Active dates.


Create limited-time discounts by setting an End date from the checkbox so your discount has an expiration date. This way you can use your discounts to create incentives and offers that inspire a sense of urgency in your customers.



This is how your personal discounts are created, used, and managed in SMSBump for Shopify. Let us know if you have any further questions and message us if you need any help!

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