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How to Use A/B Testing in Flows

Did you know you can run A/B testing to boost the performance and results of your Yotpo SMSBump Flows?


You might have already noticed the option in the top left corner of your Flow editor. If you enable it, you'll be able to perform A/B testing of your flow with several different text messages.


This way you can test various options on a small group of subscribers and see which will achieve the best results. The top-performing message will be sent out to the rest of your subscribers.


Here is how to set up A/B testing in flows in 3 easy steps:


1. Enable A/B testing from the top left corner of your Flow editor.


AB Testing


2. Set up A/B testing rules. First, choose the number of test messages: 2, 3 or 4. Then, select a split factor. It means to choose how the performance of the test messages will be measured: by amount of orders, revenue, or number of clicks. And last, but not least - set up a threshold. The first test message to reach this threshold will be the winner of the A/B test.


AB Testing


3. Draft the content of all test messages.


And that was it - your A/B testing is now ready to be launched!

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