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How to Set Up an Automation in BigCommerce

Yotpo SMSBump gives users the power to create text marketing automations that send notifications automatically after certain events are triggered. Automations are created to notify customers or you the admin of a certain action, by sending either a marketing or transactional message.

You can use automations to notify customers of their order status or remind them to complete a purchase when they abandon their cart. Also, you can send yourself notifications when a new customer registers in your store, or when you add or delete any of your store products.

Here is a list of the automations you can launch in Yotpo SMSBump:


  • Abandoned cart reminder: This automation is triggered after a customer abandons their shopping cart reminding them to complete their purchase. Set it to send from 5 mins to up to 7 days after cart abandonment.

  • New order: Launch this automation to thank customers for their purchase, give them their order ID and confirm that their purchase is processed.

  • Order awaiting payment: Let customers know that you are waiting for their payment to be made.

  • Order message added: Send a notification when there are new messages in the order comments.

  • Order shipped: Assure customers that their order has shipped by the shipping company.

  • Order delivered feedback: Ask your customer for feedback once their product has been delivered.

  • Order paid: Notify customers that their payment has been successful.

  • Order cancelled: Sent to a customer when their order is cancelled.

  • Shipping update: Sent when a customer’s shipping tracking number is updated.

  • New customer registration: Say a quick thank you when a new customer creates an account in your store.

  • Coupon applied: Receive a notification whenever a customer applies a coupon during checkout.

  • Product created: Receive a notification when you add a new product to your store.

  • Product deleted: Receive a notification when you delete a product from your store.


In this article you will learn how to set up an automation that can help you potentially recover thousands of dollars in lost sales: the abandoned cart reminder. Setting up any type of automation works exactly the same way.


Getting Started

​Follow the steps below to build your first automation. 


  1. From the side menu click on Automations and then on the Create new button. 


  1. Write a name for your automation in the Event name field. Then, select the Event type you would like to automate from the dropdown list. This event will trigger your message.



  1. The Notify setting allows you to choose who will get texted when the event occurs — the Customer or yourself, the Admin. For some automations such as Abandoned Cart Reminder, the customer option will be preselected and will be the only option available.

  2. You can set a Delay by selecting Enabled from the dropdown list. Choose to Send the text after a certain number of minutes, hours or days.

  3. Tick the box Attach image or GIF and then click on Browse to upload an image of your own. The image will appear in your message. Please note that this feature is currently available for U.S. recipients only.

  4. Write your message by using the available short-codes. Start off with your {SiteName}, then greet your customer by using their {FirstName}. In the case of an abandoned cart automation, let the customer know their cart is waiting for their return at {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}


Keep an eye on the mobile preview to the right to see how your message will appear to your subscribers.

Important: Remember to tick Add “STOPxxxxx” to opt out in order to give your subscribers the option to unsubscribe from your SMS marketing service. We recommend adding the 5 digit code after Stop, as this is your personal unsubscribe keyword.


  1. You may tick Add Discount to include a deal your subscriber can claim at checkout. The Discount Type can either be set as a Fixed Amount, Percentage, or Free Shipping. Write the Discount Value in the adjacent field. Click Add Discount Code to apply the discount in your message.


  2. To see how your message will appear to your subscribers, click on Test Event Message to send yourself a test message. You should receive the message instantly. If everything looks alright, click on Save to launch your automation.



  1. If you disabled the delay, your automation will launch immediately after the event occurs.  If you set a delay like we did in our example, the automation will turn on at the time you’ve selected and will send once the event is triggered.

    All of your automations will be saved, and can be viewed by navigating to Automations from the side main menu. You can keep track of the messages sent, clicks and revenue generated. Click the edit button to edit an automation, the analytics button to view a detailed report, or the trash button to delete it.

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