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How To Run A Successful Text Marketing Campaign

It is no secret that SMS marketing is one of the strongest customer engagement tools when compared to other marketing channels. Replace the countless hours spent on unread emails with a well planned text marketing campaign. SMSBump can help your Shopify business reach new heights and achieve maximum customer retention.



SMSBump offers four unique text marketing campaign types that are designed to give significant increase in sales:


  1. Shopify Customers

  2. Specific Phone Numbers

  3. Lists and Segments

  4. A/B Testing


This post gives a brief overview of the first three marketing campaign features and how to use them. To read about A/B Testing click here.


The Main Difference between SMS Campaigns

Choosing Your Target Audience


Along with Lists and Segments, Shopify Customers is SMSBump's most popular text marketing feature. Its benefit is the ability to send a text marketing campaign in bulk directly to:


  • All Shopify customers (who accept marketing): all customers who ticked the checkmark accept marketing on checkout.

  • Specific Shopify customers: target certain customers by typing their names if they have provided a phone number.

  • Custom filter: target customers based on filters such as money spent, placed an order, date created, account status, etc.


Once inside Shopify Customers, specify the customers you plan to target from the drop down menu.



The Specific Phone Numbers feature is used to send quick messages to certain customers. You simply need to choose the customer’s country of residence for the international dial code to appear, and write the rest of their number.


To add additional customers from other countries, just choose a country from the drop down menu and follow the same process.



The Lists and Segments feature allows store owners to upload lists or segments and message customers according to how they are grouped.


  • Contact lists are static and remain unchanged (a list of 100 recipients stays constant).
  • Segments are dynamic and autofill with new subscribers.



Choose the list or segment you would like to send a message to from the drop down menu.

  • Text Marketing List: auto-generated list of all customers gathered from checkout, subscription form, and keyword.


  • Engaged Customers: segmented list of customers that have clicked on a link in a text message.


  • Converted Customers: segmented list of customers that have made a purchase from a text message.


How to Configure Text Marketing Campaigns


On the side app menu click on Text Marketing. You will be taken to a page to fill in the required fields.



The Basics (Sender, Recipient, Scheduling)


First, you need to decide who you would like to text. Under Send To, choose your recipients depending on your goal. This step will display differently depending on the feature you are using. (See Main Differences in Features above).


In the next field From, choose the message sender: either SMSBump or your own number associated with your Shopify store. (Keep in mind that in some countries your phone number will be overridden)


Important: Your number will appear hidden and won’t display to recipients.


Next, choose When to send the text message. Schedule it for Now to send the campaign right away, or select Later to define the specific date and time you want SMSBump to launch your campaign.


Whenever you are scheduling a campaign we will take into account the time zone you have set in Settings.


In order to send it based on your store’s or customer’s timezone the message must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance and you need the paid version of SMSBump.


When you click on Later, you can choose the exact date and time the message will send.



Tracking Results


Choose a Campaign name in order to track your campaign results in Google Analytics using UTM parameters. The SMSBump results can also be tracked in the app’s Analytics section.


If this field is left empty a name will be auto-assigned. This feature only works with the automatically shortened links option enabled.



Multimedia Messages (MMS)


To make your text messages come alive, tick the box under Attach Image or GIF. This will turn a standard SMS into a multimedia message (MMS).


Currently, you are able to attach images and GIFs only for U.S. recipients. All other recipients will automatically receive a standard text message.

You will be able to add a visual element by using:


  • GIF images from GIPHY

  • Free high resolution photos from Pexels

  • Upload image or GIF from your device

    Important: The accepted file formats are JPEG, PNG, or GIF.



Writing the Text Message


In the Message section, you write a personalized message using the short-codes that are provided.


For example, use {SiteName} in the beginning to show customers who the text is coming from right away. Also, use the {FirstName} to begin your message with a more personal approach to each recipient.

Important: Don’t copy codes from other SMSBump features as they won’t work.



You must tick the option Add “STOP” to opt out otherwise your SMS marketing campaign will not send.


You can add emojis by clicking on the smiley face icon, but keep an eye out on the character count:


  • Emojis decrease the character count to 70.

  • Standard SMS is 160 characters. If you exceed the limit, the SMS counter will show you how many texts you will send.

  • Attached images or GIFs (U.S only) allow for 1600 characters.



We recommend you shorten your links for two main purposes. To save space for relevant text and to enable SMSBump to track your link clicks and orders.


We also recommend you to use our branded link URL shortener at all times for better recognition: How to Increase SMS Click Through Rate with Branded URLs


Tick Automatically shorten links to enable the shortener.


Adding Discounts to Links


When you select the Add discount checkbox, you can add an embedded discount in the link, leading the customer to your store with the discount already calculated.


If you tick Same discount for all clients, you will be able to select a standard discount from your Shopify site. (Learn more about Shopify discounts)



If you tick Unique code per client, you can offer a personal discount by specifying a fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping. Click on Add discount code to apply the discount to the message.


Preview and Test Your Message

Message preview lets you see how your text message will appear to recipients on the phone visual.


When you like how your text message looks, you can click on Test Campaign Message to make sure the text looks good on your phone.



Your number will appear in the dropdown menu. You can also add more test numbers to send to if you wish.


Press OK to send the test message.


Important: Test messages will show the raw short codes, not the actual dynamic values your customers will receive.


Review all the Details

Next, press on the button Review & Send Campaign to look over everything before your text messages get sent.


In the Campaign overview, make sure that all the green check marks are ticked which lets you know that all the requirements have been met, and your messages are ready to send.


Click on Edit if you would like to change any setting.


Under Campaign data you can review the details and cost before sending.



Activate Your Text Marketing Campaign


You are all set!


Click on the Send Now button to activate your text marketing campaign.

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