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How To Run A Successful Text Marketing Campaign

It is no secret that SMS marketing is one of the strongest customer engagement tools when compared to other marketing channels. Replace the countless hours spent on unread emails with a well planned text marketing campaign. SMSBump can help your Shopify business reach new heights and achieve maximum customer retention.



Set up the Campaign


Step 1: Select the right target group


You can target 4 different groups of people within this feature:
  • All Shopify customers (who accept marketing): all customers who ticked the checkmark accept marketing on checkout.
  • Specific customers: target certain customers by typing their names
  • Segments: This group allows you to target customers based on filters such as: how much money they have spent, if they placed an order or not, date their account was created, account status, etc.
  • Lists:  Those are your static lists usually divided by subscription source.

SMS Marketing

Once you are done with selecting the right people to target it’s time to set up the rest of the basics. 


Step 2: Set up the basics (Sender, Scheduling, Smart Send)


Once you’ve selected your Target Audience, you should decide whether you want to receive a test of the campaign. We usually recommend you leave the box on Yes


In the Sender section you can select the name which will appear as a sender of the campaign. If you have a paid account you can use the name of your store, but in case you own a free account you can choose between SMSBump and the phone number you’ve registered with. 


Beware that some mobile providers set limitations to this option and as a result your messages might be sent with a unified short code. 

Set up your time: You can select between sending a campaign right away or scheduling it for a certain time. The scheduling is based on your timezone, which can be changed from the Settings in the app. If you have SMSBump or Plus accounts, you can even send messages based on your customers' timezone.


We care deeply for the end user experience of your customers. Which is why we implemented the Quiet hours feature. Setting Quiet hours will ensure that during a specified time period your customers will not receive any text messages. The text message delivery will be postponed to a later time and will be sent as soon as the quiet hours period has ended. 


Here you can find more information: on Quiet hours and Enforced Quiet hours (U.S. only).


Next thing you need to do is to give your campaign a name. This will allow you to better track your results in Google Analytics as this name will appear as UTM parameter in your link.  


The name of your campaign won`t be visible to customers so just put something short and simple that will help you distinguish this campaign from others.


The results from your campaign can also be tracked in the Analytics section of the app.  


If this field is left empty a name will be auto-assigned. 

Very rarely some of your subscribers won`t receive a text message as part of your ongoing campaign. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that you have enabled the Smart Sending feature in our platform.


The Smart Sending feature creates a time period of around 16 hours between the text messages your subscribers receive. So, if an automated SMS was sent within these hours, your marketing campaign won’t be sent to them.  Therefore, you can disable this option when sending massive campaigns and enable it in moments when you don’t want to spam your users too much.


You can access the Smart Sending setup in your SMSBump Settings.


Step 3: Setting up A/B Testing


If you are new to SMS Marketing, you might wonder what is the best copy and CTA for your next text marketing campaign. The A/B testing feature allows you to test different versions of your message. To activate the feature you simply need to select enable on it and some additional fields would appear. 



First you should choose the number of test sets you would like to run. Then what percentage of your subscribers will be subject to your test. In general 10-20% is a good sample if you have a big subscribers list. The Split Factor is the basis on which it gets decided which is the most successful version of your text. And finally you can decide how long the test will run -  it could be either in minutes, hours or days.. 


When you use A/B testing make sure you write different text and offer unique promotion for each message depending on the number of test sets you will choose. Keep in mind that an effective A/B testing process will test only one variable, so focus your attention on one thing only: it could either be the copy of the text, the type of discount you offer or the used visual. Using this approach will help you understand for sure which variable worked best in this case.


You can find detailed information on how to implement A/B Testing in your text marketing campaign here.


Important: The A/B Testing feature is only available to SMSBump Plus users. 


Step 4: Make your message visual.


To make your text messages  even more engaging, tick the box under Attach Image or GIF. This will turn a standard SMS into a multimedia message (MMS).

Currently, you are able to attach images and GIFs only for U.S. recipients. All other recipients will automatically receive a standard text message.

You will be able to add a visual element by using:

  • GIF images from GIPHY
  • Free high resolution photos from Pexels
  • Upload image or GIF from your device.


Important: All files should be either JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Step 5: Crafting your message.


In the Message section, you write a personalized message using the short-codes that are provided.
For example, use {SiteName} in the beginning to show customers who the text is coming from. Also, use the {FirstName} to begin your message with a more personal approach to each recipient.
Important: Don’t copy codes from other SMSBump features as they won’t work.
Make sure to stay compliant ans tick the option Add “STOP” to opt out otherwise your SMS marketing campaign won`t be sent.
You can add emojis by clicking on the smiley face icon, but keep an eye on the character count:
Emojis decrease the character count to 66.
Standard SMS is 160 characters. If you exceed the limit, the SMS counter will show you how many texts you will send. If you go over 160 characters the count per message goes down to 157 due to the settings needed to combine those messages to one.
Attached images or GIFs (U.S only) allow for 1600 characters.

Use the strength meter to craft powerful messages. If you want to learn more about the strength meter, check out this article


Remember that you always need to set up your discount. You can choose between using Shopify universal discount  or a personal one.  

If you tick Same discount for all clients, you will be able to select a standard discount from your Shopify site. (Learn more about Shopify discounts)


Pro Tip:  If you decide to use the same discount for all clients, make sure that discount code differs from the ones you use throughout your other marketing channels (such as email, social media etc.). This will ensure on-point performance tracking not just within SMSBump, but your other channels as well. 


If you tick Unique code per client, you can offer a personal discount by specifying a fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping. Click on Add discount code to apply the discount to the message.


In general, we recommend that you embed the discount directly in the site URL. This way when they click on the link, the discount will be automatically applied. 


Step 6: Preview and Test Your Message


Message preview allows you to see how your text message will visually appear on recipients` phones.


If  you like how your text message looks, you can click on Test Campaign Message to make sure that everything works the way it is supposed to - check your links and shortcodes!


Your number will appear in the dropdown menu. You can also add more test numbers to send to if you wish.


Press OK to send the test message.

Important: Test messages will show the raw short codes, not the actual dynamic values your customers will receive.


As a Shopify store owner you will be able to choose a number of groups to test against each other with different text messages. The winning message will be sent to the remaining subscribers outside of the test groups. The winning value, which determines the winning message, can either be the number of link clicks, orders made or revenue generated


Step 7: Take One Last Look at Your Campaign


Next, press on the button Review & Send Campaign to look over everything before your text messages get sent.

In the Campaign overview, make sure that all the green check marks are ticked which lets you know that all the necessary requirements have been met, and your messages are ready to send.


Click on Edit if you would like to make some changes to your campaign.


Once you double-checked your campaign, set it live by clicking Send now!


Don`t forget to contact us if you have some questions or if you have some feedback for this feature, we would really appreciate it!

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