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How to Review Your SMS Automation Performance in Analytics

If you’d like to know how your Automations are performing and make any required changes to your marketing strategy, then you should use SMSBump’s Analytics feature. It will give you a detailed report and helpful insight on each and every automation you have set.


Getting There


In the SMSBump dashboard menu, first click on Analytics and then on Automations.


SMSBump Automation Analytics: How to track SMS Marketing automation analytics in Shopify


The Analytics/Events page will display a chart with all of your automations starting with the one you have created most recently. The chart lets you view:


  • Name: This is the name your automation was assigned.

  • Sent: The amount of messages that were sent using the automation.

  • Clicks: The number of link clicks from customers after the automation was activated.

  • Revenue: What you earned as profit from a specific automation.

  • Status: Whether your automation is currently active or inactive.

  • Date Created: The date your automation was created.

  • Actions: Click on View to be taken to the specific automation’s detailed report.


SMSBump Automation Analytics | SMS Automation Clicks, Revenue, and Order Metrics


Automation Detailed Report

When you click on View under the Actions column you will be able to get valuable insight on a specific automation.


  • Date Range: From the drop down menu choose to display data from the Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This year, or set a Custom range from the popup calendar.

  • Recovered Revenue: This is the amount of revenue your automation has generated.

  • Total Spent: The amount of money you have spent on the automation.

  • Recovered Orders: The number of orders that were made once your automation was activated.

  • Average Order Size: This is the average cost of the orders your customers made since your automation was activated.

  • Total Link Clicks: The total number of times links were clicked in the messages sent through your automation.

  • Click Through Rate: The percentage of links that were clicked by customers.

  • Automation ROI: The percentage of the amount from what you spent on the automation to what you received as revenue in sales.

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of the amount from the total link clicks from automation messages to what you received as profit from sales. (Recovered Revenue divided by Link Clicks).

SMSBump Automation Analytics | Automation Type Insights with Custom Time Periods


When you move your mouse over the vertical bar in the graph, it will display the Recovered Revenue (profit you earned) as a sum along with the date the automation was activated.


SMSBump Automation Analytics | Recovered revenue from SMS Automations


Important: There are two types of automations: marketing and non-marketing. In the non-marketing report, the data displayed will be limited to Total Messages, Total Spent, Sent and Failed statuses. The visual bar graph will also appear, as well as the Last Messages that were sent.



Reviewing Your Messages


Look over the messages you have sent during the time a specific automation was active. The chart will display:

  • To: The number of the customer the automation was sent to.

  • Date: The date the automation was activated.

  • Text: Click on Show message to display the message and Hide message to hide it.

  • Price: The price of the message sent through the automation.

  • Status: The status of the message can either be sent, failed, rejected, blocked, or landline. When a message has attempted to be sent to a landline number it will remain undelivered. You will be charged for it but refunded shortly after as the message was not sent.


SMSBump Automation Analytics | Latest Text Messages from All Automations


Reviewing Your Orders


When you click on the Orders tab in the chart, you will be able to see:

  • Order Number: Use the unique order number to answer any specific questions a customer might have about their order.

  • Total Amount: The total amount that was spent on the order.

  • Conversion Date: The date the order was made.


SMSBump Automation Analytics | Shopify Orders Generated from SMS Automations

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