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How to Review Your SMS Automation Performance in Analytics

Automations are custom text messages triggered by certain events. Use them to send a personalized welcome message to every new subscriber, remind shoppers that they still have items in their carts, and more.


With the help of Yotpo SMSBump’s advanced Analytics, you can track the performance of your text marketing automations, better understand what works well and what doesn’t, and adjust your SMS strategy in real-time to maximize results.


This article will show you how to access and review your automation analytics


Getting There


In the SMSBump dashboard menu, click on Analytics and then - on Automation Analytics.


main menu

You’ll see an overview of all your automations and how they are performing based on the following metrics: 


  • Sent - the number of messages sent by a specific automation

  • Clicks - the number of times your subscribers clicked on the URL in the text message

  • Revenue - the revenue generated from the specific automation

  • Status - whether or not the automation is currently active


For detailed analytics of the automation you want to explore, just click on the magnifier button in the Actions column:




You can track all automation metrics for different time periods using the drop-down menu at the top.



Section Overview


This is what the Automation Analytics dashboard looks like:




A. Period field - where we set up the time period


B. Overall automation analytics – shows the 8 most important metrics of your automation


C. Revenue Growth in the selected period – shows the visual distribution of the Revenue Growth for the chosen time period


D. Detailed Data – shows information on messages, orders, countries, clicks, and unsubscribed users


You’ll find detailed information regarding each section below in this tutorial.



Setting up the Time Period


From the dropdown menu in section A (Period field), you can select the time frame you are interested in. 


It could be for the last few days, the last few months, an entire year, or a custom period of your choice. 






Overall Automation Analytics


This menu shows the 8 most important metrics of your text marketing automation for the chosen period:



  • Revenue – the total revenue from this exact automation.

  • Clicked Links – how many times have customers clicked on messages from this automation.

  • Click-through Rate – the clicks from customers, divided by the number of sent text messages within this automation. Remember that with transactional messages such as shipping confirmation or order delay, your CTRs might be 0% simply because the messages in the particular automation might not have a call-to-action link.

  • Conversion Rate - the percentage of orders compared to the number of sent messages.

  • Orders – the total amount of orders generated via this particular automation along with the average order value.

  • Sent Messages – the number of messages sent from the current automation.

  • Automation Cost – the amount of money you have spent on this automation.

  • Unsubscribe Rate - the number of unsubscribes divided by the number of messages delivered. Below you’ll also see the total number of unsubscribers for the period.



Revenue Distribution in Time


The Revenue Growth section (C) represents a chart showing how the revenue from this automation changed over the selected time period.



You can see which your most successful days/months were: for example – weekends versus weekdays, or you can compare purchases in different months throughout the year.



Detailed Data


SMS Messages


Under SMS Messages, you can see the status of all messages, when they were sent, to whom, their text, and how much each cost. Remember that sometimes you might see differences in the cost due to message prices by country, or simply because one message turned out to be longer than the other.  






In the Orders section, you can see which purchases were made via this particular automation. 


Use this menu to check precise order IDs, total amounts, conversion dates, types (which event type converted the Đ¾rder), and Converted After (the time between the event and the order). If you click on the order ID, you’ll be redirected to your Shopify orders section. 




By country


This section allows you to view where your customers are coming from. You’ll see each country you have sent messages to, their exact number, the percentage from all messages, and the total price.





In this section, you’ll see which recipients clicked on a link from the automation, the URL, how many times, and when




Unsubscribed Users


The last section will show you a list of all users who have unsubscribed from the automation, their numbers, names, and the opt-out date




Feel free to explore these metrics and make the most of your automations. For more tutorials on Yotpo SMSBump’s features, just visit our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at any time!

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