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How to Receive Commission as an Yotpo SMSBump Affiliate

Welcome to the Yotpo SMSBump partners program! This is where you can signup and make money as an affiliate to the SMSBump app by sharing it to Shopify store users and E-Commerce entrepreneurs who can benefit from the only SMS Marketing & Automation app they will ever need.


Whether you are a social media influencer, head of a digital marketing agency or a skilled freelancer, with one simple affiliate link, you can now reap the benefits of a recurring commission from what your referred stores spend on credits, or a paid plan from Yotpo SMSBump.


How Does it Work?

  • Yotpo SMSBump generates a unique link that you can copy and paste anywhere you like.

  • Each time an individual signs up for Yotpo SMSBump using your link, you gain a referral.

  • You will gain a percentage of what the Shopify store owner spends on credits or a Yotpo SMSBump paid plan.

  • You can choose to receive your payment in PayPal or Yotpo SMSBump credits.
    Important: The payout process is done at the end of each month. You need to have at least $100 to request a withdrawal.

  • After successfully applying for a partner deal, you will receive a registered promo. This is the benefit your referrals receive after registering with your link. It’s a win-win for both parties!


Before you Begin

The only thing you need to get started is to create your Yotpo SMSBump account.


There’s no need for you to be running a Shopify store with an installed SMSBump app. You can simply have an account in and you can begin sharing your affiliate link to start increasing your commission earnings.


Getting Started

  1. Log into your SMSBump account and click on Partnership in the Company section of the footer.




  1. In order to become an SMSBump affiliate, you need to submit some information about yourself so we can get in touch with you regarding your partnership conditions.


Important: You will receive your own custom partnership conditions that are discussed and agreed upon personally with our Partnership manager.


  1. Fill in the required fields and click on Submit Application. We will get in contact with you to confirm your membership in the affiliate program as well as assign you a unique registered promo.




After you’ve contacted us using the form and your partnership deal is agreed, you’re ready to start.


  1. Your link is now active. Click on Copy link and paste it anywhere you like to get the referral’s attention. Prompt them to click and register by writing a catchy text, making sure to mention that they will receive some benefits as well.




  1. You will be able to track your referrals, earnings, as well as change your Payout method from the Partners page when logged into




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