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How to Customize Your Shopify Plus Checkout Opt-In Box

Before you start sending out SMS campaigns, you need to put together a list of subscribers - people who have agreed to receive promotional text messages from you. Checkout subscription is one of the easiest and most natural ways to grow your audience.


We will now go through the process of customizing your Shopify Plus checkbox.



New Shopify Plus customers



Customize your checkbox


Simply go to the Settings menu of your main Yotpo SMSBump dashboard and select TCPA Checkbox.


TCPA checkbox


Here you can customize your Shopify checkout opt-in box by filling in the following fields: 




Box Container: You can choose whether or not your opt-in box should be separated into a different container.




Heading and description: Using a powerful call-to-action will prompt shoppers to subscribe to your SMS service. We recommend changing the default texts to top-converting messages that reflect your brand identity, such as: 


Receive updates & offers via SMS!

YES - I want access to new product launches, inspo & more!


Consent message: This section includes the mandatory pre-written compliance text under the checkbox. We recommend using the default message to ensure compliance.  


Privacy Policy text and link: The Privacy Policy hyperlink appears after the consent message. Just paste the URL of your store’s Privacy Policy page in the link section.


If you haven’t already done so, to be fully compliant, Shopify will require you to set up your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the legal settings of your store. In order to do it, go to your Shopify Admin → Settings → Policies and insert the full compliance text in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy sections.


You can preview what your checkbox will look like with the help of the Live preview button at the top of the settings. 




Now your opt-in checkbox should look something like this: 




After you have filled the information in all fields and are happy with your preview, you need to hit Save.



Add the code to your Shopify checkout


Now go to the Shopify Plus side menu, click on Themes, then on the Actions drop-down menu, and select Edit code




Under Layout, select {/} checkout.liquid to access the checkout file. Copy the generated code from the Settings menu:


{% include 'smsbump_checkout_marketing_subscription' %}


and paste it above the </body> tag


If the checkout.liquid file is missing, please ask the Shopify Plus support to enable this file for you.





Save your changes by clicking on the button in the top right corner.





Keep in mind that for the SMS marketing subscription preference to be saved, the customer needs to complete the checkout and finish their order. If the customer doesn’t complete the checkout process, they won’t be signed to your text marketing services, and no SMS automations or flows will be triggered.



Existing Shopify Plus customers


If you are an existing Shopify Plus merchant, you should first disable your text marketing consent in Shopify. Go to the Checkout settings, scroll to the Consent for marketing section, untick the SMS marketing checkbox, and save.


Sms marketing


Then, follow the setup instructions as if you are a new Shopify Plus customer, as shown above.


This was our quick tutorial on how to customize your Shopify Plus Checkout. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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