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How to Connect Checkout X and SMSBump

Checkout X is a powerful tool which automatically configures your Shopify checkout page to collect opt-ins to grow your text marketing list and process orders through any payment gateway. By integrating Checkout X with SMSBump, you are also able to send customers automated messages if they abandon their cart.

Connecting Checkout X to SMSBump


In order to proceed with integrating Checkout X with SMSBump, you should have a registered Checkout X account that is linked to your Shopify store. Afterwards, just follow these two simple steps.

1. Once logged into your Checkout X account, select Configuration from the top navigation bar, then Integrations. Next to SMSBump click on Inactive and then Connect to SMSBump.



2. In the SMSBump app, head over to Integrations on the side menu and you should see that the Checkout X integration is Connected.




Setting Up an Abandoned Cart Automation

Recover lost sales by launching a sequence of abandoned cart automations using the CheckX abandoned cart automation.

1. From the SMSBump side menu, select Automations and then click the Create New Automation. Give your automation a name that is easily recognizable.



2. Select CheckoutX Abandoned Cart Reminder from the Automation Type dropdown.



3.  In the next field, choose whether to enable or disable a delay for when customers will receive the message. When Enabled, specify the Message Timing in minutes, hours or days.



4. You may attach an Image or GIF if your recipients are in the U.S. Keep in mind that the character limit for an MMS is 1600. Select a GIF from GIPHY, an image from Pexels or click the browse button to upload an image of your own.



5. Write your abandoned cart message text while keeping an eye on the Message Strength meter which will give you tips on how to make the message powerful. You will be able to see a preview of your message on the phone to the right. Make sure that the “STOP to opt out” checkbox is ticked to follow compliance rules.

Click Test Event Message to send a test message to yourself. When you are happy with how everything looks click the Save button to schedule the automation for sending. Congrats, you’ve successfully launched your Checkout X abandoned cart automation!


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