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How to Connect and Use ReCharge in Yotpo SMSBump

ReCharge is a powerful and popular app that offers several recurring billing options and helps Shopify store owners grow the list of customers that subscribe to receive their products.


By connecting ReCharge with Yotpo SMSBump, you will be able to send out the following text message flows:


  • Subscription Confirmation: Inform customers that they have successfully subscribed to recurring billing. Use a text message to let them know when their next payment is due.

  • Subscription Cancelled: Automate a quick SMS notification to confirm with customers that their subscription to recurring billing has officially been canceled and they will no longer be charged.

  • Subscription Order Abandoned: Remind customers who’ve abandoned their subscription order to complete their checkout with the link provided in the automated text message.

  • Upcoming Charge Reminder: Notify customers of an upcoming payment — either on the day it is due, or a specific number of days before payment is due.

  • Product Upsell via keyword: Offer customers additional products they can purchase on a subscription base by texting back the {ADD} keyword. 

  • Skip a monthly payment via keyword: Provide customers with the option to skip a monthly delivery by replying with a simple {SKIP} keyword. 

  • Declined Credit: Notify customers when there is an issue with their subscription payment, preventing it to go through. 

This guide assumes you already have ReCharge installed, and will go over how to connect it with SMSBump and launch each SMS flow mentioned above.

Connecting ReCharge with Yotpo SMSBump

The integration steps are quite simple and you’ll have the two apps running together in a couple of minutes.


1. From the side app menu, click on Integrations and select ReCharge.



2. Read the integration features and then press the Install button.



3. Give permission for SMSBump to access and modify Shopify store data by clicking on Install.


4. Your checkout page will automatically display the new checkbox. Good job, you have now connected ReCharge with Yotpo SMSBump.



Creating a Flow

Once you’ve chosen which ReCharge automation you’d like to launch, follow the steps below to set it up.

1. Go to the Fllow templates and type Recharge in the search bar.



2. Click on the flow you wish to activate.


3. A pop-up will appear with an overview of the flow. You can Edit the flow if you wish or simply Activate it if you're happy with the template. 

ReCharge_flow activation


The flow is now active! You can later edit or delete it from your Flows dashboard. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback! 


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