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How to Configure Your SMSBump App Settings

Your SMSBump Settings is the place for configuring and personalizing important features that influence the way the app works. It’s the where you can configure your Sender, Time zones, Quiet hours, Maximum price per sent message and more.


Let’s give you the tour.


To get started, click on Settings on the Dashboard main menu.



All the Settings are grouped into 5 different categories: General Settings, Country Limitations, Preferences, Payments, Notifications and Chat. 



1. General Settings


This is where you choose how the users see the sender, your timezone and quiet hours.


Global Sender


The Global sender field lets you choose who the recipient sees as the sender.


This can either be a dedicated SMSBump short code (for United States phone numbers), 81787 short code (for Canada phone numbers) or the +46765196160 short code (for international customers). 

In case you have a paid plan you can also use the custom sender option and change the number to your own brand name. Please keep in mind that some countries such as U.S. or France do not allow the usage of brand names as custom sender. In these situations your brand name will be replaced by a short code. 



Timezone Settings


In Timezone settings you can set your timezone according to the location of your Shopify online business.


For example, if you’re based in the United Kingdom, but your customer base is in the United States, the timezone setting here should be set at United Kingdom.


Sometimes your customers will give you their phone number but they will forget to add their country code. To increase your chance of still successfully reaching these customers you can use Specify country. The feature allows you to set a pre-defined country code, which will be added to the phone number in case the customer hasn't specified their country.

So, if the majority of your subscribers are based in Canada, then you should your Specify country to be Canada. 



Quiet Hours 


Quiet Hours lets you choose a time period during which text messages will not be sent to customers


When Enabled, you can choose the desired time span. The feature works based on the timezone you have set in the setting above.



Learn more about Enforced Quiet Hours (U.S. stores only).


Smart Sending


Smart sending helps Shopify store owners avoid double-texting the same customer in a short periods of time. Use the field to select the amount of hour/s that should pass before sending another message to the same number. In general, we recommend you use a time span between 16 and 20 hours. 


Type in “0” if you want to keep this feature off.


Double opt-in


The double opt-in will require customers to reply with “Y” on the first message they receive in order to opt in for text marketing via your Checkout or selected Integrations.



2. Country Limitations



The Limitations feature lets you send texts only to customers in certain countries, or exclude customers in other countries. Under Send SMS only to the following countries, click on Include or Exclude and choose the countries by typing them in. Click on Not set if you’d like to disable this option.



The Max Message Price field lets you set a limit on the cost spent per message. This way the app doesn’t send any messages that go over the limit you have set here.

Under Max message price, click Enabled to set the maximum price you want your messages to be. The way this will work is when your Shopify store tries to send a text message that goes above the price you set here, SMSBump will not send out that message.


3. Preferences

This is where you can set your staff phones, short URLs and smart encoding.


Staff Phones


Staff phones allows you to add staff phone numbers that will receive admin notifications and test messages before sending. The country code of the store location you set will automatically appear when adding a new number.


If you want to add a number from a different country, type in the international country code manually.


Global Short URL


Global Short URL lets you set how customer will see links in a text message.


It also shortens them, giving you more character length and the ability to track results in Google Analytics and in the SMSBump Analytics section. In the drop down menu, you can either choose the default SMSBump shortening option with less characters, or the Brand name of your store. 

Additionally, you can choose a custom domain if you are a SMSBump Plus client. Tick the box “Use a custom domain” to activate this option.

Smart Encoding


Smart encoding replaces all special characters in your text message to their Latin equivalent.The purpose of this feature is to maximize your use of the allowed character count.


(Special characters allow for 70 characters, while standard allow for 160).


Make sure to keep an eye on the SMS counter while creating your text messages.

4. Payments




Enabling the Auto-reload feature automatically adds credits to your balance when it falls below a certain amount.


Under Status click on Enabled to specify the minimum balance that will trigger the reload. Set the amount you want to recharge automatically and set a monthly limit of the auto-reload, so you don’t accidentally lose track of your spending.


5. Notifications


Use this section to set which notifications you would like to receive on your email. 



6. Chat


This section allows you to enable Chat and set up a greetings message your customers will get when they contact you for the first time.




Good job! You are done configuring your settings. Click on the Save button to activate them.

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