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How to Activate Product Upsell with SMS Automations?

Do you sell a lot of complementary products or simply want to increase the number of products purchased by a customer? SMS Automations can help you with that. 



This article will help you set up the Product Upsell function in the SMSBump Automation Tool


How does Product Upsell work?


Use the Product Upsell Automation to configure recommendation triggers based on previous purchases. You can choose to upsell multiple products, but only one random product of the selection will be recommended. Therefore, we advise you to choose complementary products when using this option, such as shoes and socks. 


How to set Upsell Product SMS Notifications?


  1. Chose the Automations tab in the sidebar and then click on Create new automation. You can also Edit and Activate the predefined #3 Product Upsell Automation.

Create a new upsell event


  1. Use the SMS Automation Name field to type in the name of your automation. Preferably select the name of the product you want to upsell, so you can keep track of which products sell better than others.  

  2. In the Automation Type, navigate to the Retention (Boost Store ROI) category and select Product Upsell.

Name of Product Upsell Automation


Select Product Recommendations


  1. Select the products and collections that will trigger the upsell message. They will later appear instead of {BoughtProductName) in your text.


  1. Choose the product you want to recommend based on the purchased product. The name of that product will substitute the short code {ReccommendProductName} in your message.

    If you select multiple products, only one of them will be recommended at a random order. To make sure your upsell campaign is effective, choose products that complement each other.  Combine shoes and a backpack instead of a backpack and another backpack. 

Upsell automation Select recommendation product

  1. To improve the effectiveness of the recommendation process, select Disable in the Repeat product recommendations section. This will prevent the recommendation of the product the customer has just purchased.

Product Upsell Automation Repeat Product Recommendation

Recipient and Timing


  1. In the Recipient section select Customer, so that the messages go out to your clients instead of you. 

Recipient Upsell Automation

  1. Receiving an upsell message right after a purchase might be overwhelming in times. Therefore, you can set a delay time by selecting Enable the Delay option. In case you prefer to leave it at Disabled, the product upsell SMS will be sent out with a default 10-minute delay. 

Set a Delay Time in the Upsell Automation


Tailor your message


  1. Make your message more attractive by adding visuals to your Upsell Automation. You can upload your own image or use GIPHY or PEXELS.

    If you want to upload your image simply use the Browse button or drag and drop the visual in the box. 

    You can also use the image of the product you want to upsell by checking the Use recommended product’s image box.

    Alternatively, you can upload GIFs from GIPHY or choose stock images from PEXEL.  Note that it can include up to 9 images. 

Attach an image in Upsell Automation


Important: This feature only works for U.S. customers. By adding visuals to your automation message, you turn your text into an MMS, thus prices for an MMS will apply. 


  1. Use the text section to write your message

    Every automation comes with a pre-written text to guide you, but feel free to modify it or change it altogether. It is important that it fits your brand voice. 

    Remember that the length of a standard text message is 160 characters and it goes down to 70 when you use emojis, special characters or a foreign alphabet. Text messages with GIFs or Images (MMS) allow up to 1600 characters

    Once you go over those limitations, your message will be counted as 2 separate texts. To help you with that, we put an SMS counter that keeps track of the number of characters and informs you in case you exceed the character limit. 


Text Message Preview Upsell Automation

Set up your discount code

  1. The template says that the customer will receive 20% off, but this is not automatically applied. Therefore, you need to add your discount code manually by checking the Add discount box. 

    Generally, we recommend to use personalized discounts, but you can also apply the same discount to every customer. 

    Next, you need to set up the Discount type. You can choose between Fixed amount, Percentage or Free Shipping and select the amount you want to have in the discount. 


Set a Discount code in Product Upsell Automation


Once the discount code is generated, you should add it to your message. Just tailor the copy of the text, select where you want to add the code and click on the {DiscountCode} short button. 


More information about discount codes and how to apply them is available in our Knowledge base. 


Discount code message preview upsell automation


Add the right short codes


The short codes are used to fetch your customer information directly from your Shopify account. 


There are specific short links for each of the text campaigns that you create. Only use the short codes, as pasted short codes from other automations will not work. 


The most important short codes for the Upsell Automation are: 


  • {Sitename} – Remember that in some countries the messages are sent from carrier approved short codes instead of your company name. Therefore, you should let your customers know who is texting them by using this code.
  • {OrderId} – this one is particularly useful if you send your automation message when the order is being processed and an Order ID is assigned to it. 
  • {BillingFirstName} and {BillingLastName}– Sometimes shipping and billing name may differ, therefore it is important that you address the person who bought the product instead of the one receiving it. 
  • {TrackingNumber} – If the automation is sent when the product has already been shipped, it might be useful to add the tracking number to your message.  ​
  • {BoughtProductName} – The name of the purchased product as it appears in your Shopify store 
  • {ReccommendProductName} – The name of the recommended product it appears in your Shopify store
  • {RecommendProductURL} - Link to the product in your Shopify store 
  • {DiscountCode} – The discount code that you set in the previous step. 


Don’t Forget to add the Opt-Out Option  


Never forget to tick the option “STOP to opt out” so you give your customers the option to stop receiving marketing messages from you. This is required if you want to keep your Shopify store compliant with legal and carrier regulations.


Opt Out Upsell Automation


Did you notice how the green bar filled up? This is our Strength Meter which helps you build better messages for your campaigns. You can learn more about it here


Review your Message


Use the Text Event Message button to review your message. Select your admin phone number and click OK. 

Important: Test messages show the raw short codes, as opposed to the dynamic data customers will receive. Those messages are not free and you will be charged for it.


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