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Designing Your Email

Our email editor enables you to quickly create stunning email designs that match your brand. Customize one of our pre-designed HTML email templates or build your emails from scratch.



Before you begin

Before you start designing your content, you’ll first need to create an email marketing campaign. Learn how to create a campaign


Getting started

From the campaign creation screen, click Start designing! The email editor opens.

Applying a template

Our ready-to-use and fully responsive templates provide a starting point for the layout of your email. Just select the template that is most similar to the design you want to implement, and then use our editor to customize the look, feel, and content. 


If you want to create a new template, see Creating an email template.
If you prefer you can also import an existing email template.


To apply a template to your email:

  1. At the top of the page, click Templates and select Choose template.
  2. Select a template. You can choose from your saved templates or from our pre-designed themed templates.


Switching templates

You can switch your template in the campaign builder at any time by clicking Templates > Choose template. Any existing campaign content will not be preserved during a switch.

To switch templates:

  1. From the campaign editor, click the Templates dropdown and choose Save as template to back up your content.
  2. Enter a name for your template, and click Save.
  3. Click the Templates drop-down again and choose Switch templates.
  4. Choose a new template from our Yotpo templates or your own saved templates.


Customizing your template

Your email template is made up of stripes. Stripes are the area of an email template that stores structures, containers, and basic blocks.



You’ll build out the content of your email using structures. Each structure can include up to 8 containers in a row.

To add a structure, just drag and drop it from the Content menu to the desired position in your message.

Learn more about working with structures


Adding content

Our content blocks enable you to add email elements to your email, for example, images, text, buttons, spacers, videos, banners, custom HTML elements, and much more.

To add a block, just drag and drop it from the Content menu to the desired position in your message.

Learn about adding store products to your email
Learn more about working with blocks



Use the Appearance tab to customize the overall appearance of your email, including:

  • Width and padding
  • Fonts and font sizes 
  • Background colors
  • Heading styles
  • Button styles
  • Mobile-specific formatting


Tips & advice

Make sure you include an unsubscribe link in your email! This is crucial for maintaining a good relationship with your customers and will also ensure you comply with the CAN-SPAM act.


Next steps

Once you’ve finished designing your email, remember to preview it to make sure everything looks like you expect. Return to the campaign creation screen and click Preview. You can preview the email for both desktop and mobile.



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