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How to Create a QR code to Grow Your Subscribers

The Yotpo SMS & Email QR code is an interactive and easy way to opt-in for your text marketing. It can be used online and offline and lets merchants get creative with their subscriber collection. 


This article will show you how to generate your QR code for your store, allowing everyone who scans it to subscribe to your text marketing list.


Generating a QR code


Go to the Collect Subscribers menu on the left and click on the QR Generator card.


QR Navigation


The editor window where you will set up your QR code will appear. Click on the bottom right button to continue. 


QR editor


Give a relevant name to your QR code and choose a dedicated list that will store the phone numbers of all the people who subscribe via this code. Click the Set up opt-in message button to continue to the next step.


QR name


Now you can set up the message that will automatically appear in the customer’s default text message app. They just have to send it to subscribe to your SMS program. You can edit it as you wish, just make sure the Social Opt-in Keyword shortcode is included in the message


Opt-in message


The final step is where you set up your subscription confirmation message. You can use the pre-set template or change the wording as you wish. Adding a small incentive will significantly improve your social opt-in conversion rate. So, don’t forget to set up the discount type and value of your choice from the shortcodes below the text box. 


When you are done setting up your message, click on the Activate QR Code button below.


Confirmation message


A success message will appear with the generated QR code, which you can download, and a relevant TCPA text you can copy and paste where you’d be placing it. 


Confirmation QR


As with all other advanced subscriber collection methods we offer, you can follow the performance of your QR code in the Analytics section from the three dots menu in the Collect Subscribers dashboard.




This was our quick tutorial on generating your QR code and taking full advantage of this subscriber collection tool. Don’t hesitate to try it out, share the results, and contact us if you have questions or feedback!

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