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Craft Effective Text Messages with the New Strength Meter

SMSBump is proud to announce our newest dynamic feature - the Strength Meter!

The Strength Meter is now available both in your text marketing campaigns and SMS automations. It’s here to help Shopify merchants craft more effective and engaging text messages. It gives store owners guidelines on how to improve their SMS/MMS by adding fundamental details such as their store name, a discount, an opt-out option, etc.

And the best part - you don’t need to do anything special to use it, just have SMSBump installed.

Let’s show you how it works!

Step 1: Go to Automations or Text Marketing from your SMSBump side menu and start creating a new text message or automation. Scroll down to the Message field and right underneath it you will see the Message strength meter.

This is how it looks by default: 


Add Your Brand Name

Step 2: Start putting together your text message. As you are creating it, the Strength meter will indicate if your SMS is medium or powerful, and it will give you additional suggestions on how to make it even stronger.

Notice how we’ve already provided you with a couple of basic pointers to get you started. As soon as you include them in your text message, you will see the meter changing.

Say, you want to start your SMS with your brand name (which is one of the predefined suggestions). Simply click on the {SiteName} short code and it will appear in your text box.

Watch what happens with the strength of your message:


Your message strength levelled up and has a smiley face!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include your customer’s name as this will give your SMS a more personalized feel. 


Add Your URL (Product, collection, home, or landing page) 

Second recommendation is to include a URL to advertise, such as your homepage, product page, collection page, or a landing page. This is what you need to track clicks and orders from your text messages.

To do this, simply select the {SiteURL} short code and a link to your Shopify store’s home page will be placed at the desired spot. 

Let’s see what happens once you do that:


Alternatively, paste a link to any other page you want to advertise (e.g. Or click on Add discount, select the discount type, and you will see the {DiscountCodeUrl} tag which will be the link, embedded with your discount code.

Important: Always paste and write your links with https:// instead of www. in the beginning.

As soon as you switch www. with https:// your message’s strength will level up again. 


Include a Special Incentive (Add Discount)

Step 3: We always advise Shopify merchants to propose something of value to their customers, such as a discount or free shipping. As you will see one of the suggestions under the strength meter is to add a discount code in your URL and message for higher chances of conversion.

You can do that quickly by ticking the Add discount box and then select the type of incentive you want to offer your customers. For the sake of the example we have chosen a 15% fixed discount.


All set up? Splendid - your message just became even more powerful!

Pro Tip: If you are using {DiscountCodeUrl}, always make sure to also add the {DiscountCode} tag in the message as well. This way, customers can check out both from mobile, or just see their mobile phone to receive the discount code, but complete their purchase later on on another device.


Add an Opt Out Option 

Step 4: The last step to score a maxed-out strength meter is to tick the Add “STOPXXXXX” to opt out box which is mandatory for all text marketing and a better part of the automations. SMSBump will not allow you to send out text messages that don’t have the opt-in verbiage included. 


Get Started! 

With the help of the new Strength Meter you can quickly master the art of text messaging and build campaigns that will bring more subscribers and higher ROI in no time! Create your text message now

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