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Connect Yotpo SMSBump and Alloy for a Fully Automated Experience

Alloy is a powerful no-code platform that you can use to automate all sorts of operational tasks for your online store and enjoy a fully-integrated and cohesive eCommerce experience. Build your own workflows or use prebuilt templates for empowering marketing, sales, customer service, fulfillments, and more.


Combine it with our powerful SMS marketing tools to personalize and automate the customer journey in new and exciting ways: convert your store visitors into customers, recover abandoned carts and improve your post-purchase care.

How to connect Alloy and Yotpo SMSBump in 2 simple steps


Step 1: Set Up a New Alloy Workflow


Open your Alloy account and create a new workflow. Click on the New Workflow button, as shown below.


Alloy Integration


From here on you have two options: Start from scratch or Start from recipe. 


  1. Start from scratch: choose this option if you want to build your workflow step by step. Start by choosing your Shopify trigger, or any app you would like to trigger the flow. Then, you will be able to set up all the steps of your workflow by yourself for full customization. 

    Alloy Integration
  2. Start from recipe: Alloy currently has plenty of pre-built workflows and a wide variety of use cases (recipes), depending on your marketing goals. Choose this option if you need a ready-to-use workflow, that will be deployed in minutes. Simply select SMSBump from the Apps drop-down menu and pick one of the pre-set workflow templates.

Alloy Integration

Whichever option you choose, you would need to validate your workflow by filling in your Yotpo SMSBump credentials (API key).

Alloy Integration


Step 2: Get Yotpo SMSBump credentials


Follow the Get your Credentials button (as shown above) directly from Alloy or simply go to this link. This is where you will find the API key you need to finalize the integration between Alloy and SMSBump. Simply copy and paste it in your Alloy workflow to complete the validation. 


Alloy Integration

Now that we are done integrating the two apps, all that is left to do is configure and launch your workflows.


With Alloy you have full access to more than 80 powerful apps, working on multiple platforms. There are countless ways you can leverage their combined powers to boost the performance of your online store.


Alloy have outlined some of the most effective use-cases in their marketplace. This is where you can find lots of pre-set workflows that will help you automate most of your ongoing daily operations: recovering abandoned carts, sending shipping updates, reaching out to inactive customers, etc.


And here are the 5 Alloy - SMSBump pre-set workflows:


  • Recover abandoned checkouts using SMS campaigns on Yotpo SMSBump
    This workflow will fetch all the checkouts abandoned within a certain time frame, specified by you, and will send a tailored SMS reminder with a discount code. 
  • Send customers an SMS message with a special upsell offer with Yotpo SMSBump.
    When an order is paid for in your Shopify store, SMSBump will send a text to the customer with an upsell offer and a discount code, either right away or at a later time, depending on how you customize it.
  • Win back customers by sending SMS with a discount.
    If a customer hasn’t made a purchase from your store for a certain period of time (let’s say 60 days), the workflow will generate a discount code and send it via SMS. 
  • Send BigCommerce customers a text with Yotpo SMSBump when a shipment is made
    If you use BigCommerce for your online store, this workflow is a great way to send shipping information and order status updates via SMS.
  • Send ShipBob delivery updates via Yotpo SMSBump
    Connect your ShipBob account and use this workflow to instantly text customers when orders are shipped. 

In case you want to create more specific or advanced automated workflows, Alloy gives you the option to build your own from scratch. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to build an abandoned cart workflow using Alloy and Yotpo SMSBump.





Alloy is a no-code eCommerce platform that helps you save time and money by integrating your apps and automating daily routine tasks. Combining the app with Yotpo SMSBump will help you boost your sales, recover more abandoned carts and significantly improve your post-purchase care.

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