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Cash On Delivery Payment Verification with SMS Automations

Cash on Delivery is a very practical and useful payment method for both international and local orders. This SMS automation is sent after customers have chosen this payment method and to ask them to confirm it. 

Today we are going to show you how to enable and setup the Cash on Delivery (CoD) automation so you can secure the payment process and prevent fraud. 

Step 1. From your Yotpo SMSBump side menu select Automations and hit Create new automation


Step 2.  From the Automation type drop-down menu select Cash On Delivery, located under Customer care. Don’t forget to give your automation a memorable name, using the SMS Automation Name text field. 


Step 3. After you’ve selected the event type, you can select if you want the automation to only be valid for a certain type of payment gateway. When you click on the drop-down menu, you will see all of the payment gateways you have set-up to be available at your Shopify store. 
payment_gateway_SMSBumpStep 4. Next up is configuring the Confirm page. Here we’ve given you the option to customise the confirmation page so it contains relevant text and asks to collect the appropriate information. This is the page that comes up to have your customer verify their order and confirm the purchase. 


Step 5. Time to configure the recipient of your CoD automated text message. In this case, this could be either the Admin or the Customer. From the drop-down menu under Recipient select who you want to receive your SMS. 
recipient_SMSBumpStep 6.  Under Delay you can set-up the delivery time of your text message. If you wish to have it send out immediately after your customer confirms their order to let them know that they’ve selected the CoD option, then leave the option Disabled. However, if you want to send it a specific time, then select Enabled and under Message Timing input the desired delay. Note that the minimum delay is 5 minutes and the maximum - 7 days. 


Important: We advise you to leave the delay Disabled because sometimes customers accidentally select the CoD payment method. This way they will know right away that they’ve selected this option and will have enough time to reach out to you if they want to change that. It also gives them more time to react if they are being subject to fraud. 
delay_disabled_SMSBumpStep 7. By selecting the Attach Image of GIF checkbox you can add a high-res image from Pexels, a fun GIF from GIPHY, or upload an image you’ve crafted yourself, to grab your customer’s attention for sure. 

attach_image_GIF_SMSBumpStep 8. Time for the funnest part - putting your text message together! The Text field is where you configure the content of your SMS. 

We’ve provided you with a wide palette of short-codes you can use to optimise the process; however the most important one that should absolutely be included is the {OrderConfirmURL}

This short-code will take your customer to your confirmation page (which we discussed just briefly ago), where they can either confirm their order with the CoD payment option, or reject it. For your convenience, we’ve already included it for you. 


To customize your text message further and include a catchy call-to-action and even a discount, consult with our Strength Meter and its 8 predefined tips, designed to guide you on your way to the perfect text message. 

Note: the available message template is almost as powerful as it could get, but you can still change it to your liking. Just don’t forget to include an opt-out option for those customers who wish to stop receiving text marketing for you. Tick the Add "STOP" to opt out checkbox and the unsubscribe verbiage will instantly appear in your text message. 


Review and Test Your Campaign 

Before you send out the CoD text messages, you could test them to avoid making any mistakes. 

To send an example text, just click on Test Event Message. A pop-up will ask you to select the phone number/numbers you wish to receive the test SMS. 
select_phone_numbers_SMSBumpNote that if you wish to add more phone numbers, you will first need to include them in your SMSBump General Settings under Staff phones, and then select them from the pop-up drop-down. 

staff_phone_numbers_SMSBumpHit OK and your test messages will be sent out. 

All good? Then click on Save.

The very last thing you need to do is configure the opt-out option for non-US/Canada recipients. This is a necessary step as unlike US and Canada-based customers, others cannot unsubscribe by texting the “STOP” keyword. 

A pop-up will show, asking you to either approve of the additional change (the app will add a link, which customers can click to unsubscribe), or keep the keyword. 

We recommend that you accept the changes, which will add 12 symbols to your text message but will also make certain that you follow the GDPR-regulations. 
event_settings_confirmation_SMSBumpGreat work! Now your automation is all set and will appear alongside all of your other active or inactive automations, ready to start rolling results. 


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