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How to Buy and Use Opt-in Keywords

Our keywords section was until recently undergoing reconstruction to become even more awesome and effective.

With the newest keyword page redesign we’ve made even easier for Shopify merchants to purchase and customise keywords that will best represent their store and brand.

Keywords now you can find along with all of our other Growth Tools, where they are just waiting for you to grab them and start growing your subscribers and sales. 

Build the Perfect Keyword for Your Shopify Store 

Hit Get started on your Keywords panel and then click Buy a Keyword in order to proceed to creating the perfect keyword for your store! If you’ve purchased keywords before, here is where you will see all of them and the results they reaped.

First thing you need to do now is give your keyword a memorable name that is relevant to the campaign you are looking to launch. For instance, if you are launching a campaign on shoe deals, then have your keyword be shoe-related, e.g. LACES.

Do this in the Keyword Name text field. 

Important: If the keyword you want to use is already in use by another store, you will be notified. Same goes for if the keyword is free.
Next up, you pick the type of keyword you would like to obtain. If this is the first time you are getting a keyword, you can get one free of charge. However, if you’ve already used your free keyword, you’d have to purchase one at $10 monthly. Either way, the following set-up is the same. 
keyword_type_SMSBumpNow, time to decide which customer list would you like to assign your keyword to. What this means is that once you’ve completed the configuration of your keyword, the messages will be sent to this particular set of customers. For example, if your store sells sports attire and your keyword is LACES, then you should target customers who have bought sneakers from you before.

All of the lists you’ve imported into SMSBump will be located in the Subscriber’s List drop-down menu. Next to the name of each list will be a number, which shows you how many subscribers you have in that specific list.

In the Max Message Count field you can specify the number of messages you’d expect to be sending to subscribers who’ve opted in via that particular keyword. We advise that you don’t send more than 5 messages per month so you do not overwhelm your subscribers and risk losing them.
Next up is configuring if you’d like your new subscribers to receive a confirmation SMS, letting them know that they’ve successfully opted in. We advise you leave it enabled to keep better communication with your new subscribers and make them feel welcomed.

Note: Additional charges apply.

If you choose to enable it, you will then have to specify the timing of the confirmation message, if you want it to send out immediately after the visitor has subscribed, or if you want it to be delayed.

We recommend you to disable the delay, so your subscribers are notified right away that they’ve successfully opted in, instead of leaving them wondering. 


Crafting the Best Text Message 

Time to put the keyword text message together with the help of all available short codes and the Strength Meter, which will guide you on your way to the perfect SMS.

To make your text message more attention-grabbing to all of your US-based customers, include a HQ image from Pexels, a GIF from GIPHY, or if you are feeling creative - make one yourself and upload it. Simply check the Attach image or GIF box and select between the three available options. 


Note that including a visual will turn your SMS into a multimedia message (MMS) and will increase the number of characters from 160 to 1600. Keep in mind that though you can be more frivolous with your words, you shouldn’t go overboard. 


We advise all merchants to include a small discount to show their gratitude to their new subscribers and show them they’ve made a good decision.

To do this, just select the Add a discount checkbox, specify the type of discount you’d like to offer and click Add discount code which will automatically include a link in your text message, leading to the page where your discount is valid for. This could be a store-wide discount, a particular collection or product.

You can customise the proposed template as much as you want to have it speak your brand’s language. Don’t forget that the purpose of this SMS is to inform your subscriber they’ve successfully opted-in so you shouldn’t stray too much away from the topic. 


Test Your Keyword Message

Once you are pleased with the way your keyword message looks like, you can either test it by sending an SMS to yourself, or you can just send it out to the contact list you specified earlier. 

We always recommend testing because it makes it much easier to spot any mistakes you might have accidentally made etc. 

To proceed to purchasing the keyword, hit Save. You will be redirected to another page, asking you to approve the charges. Note that you will not be charged just yet but at the end of your first keyword subscription month. 


When your payment is processed and approved, you will receive a notification email to let you know if all went through. You will also see your newly-purchased keyword along your other keywords, and in the Next Billing column you will see when your next payment is due. 


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