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Automated Email Flows


Create timely email automations that are automatically triggered by a specific action, for example, if a customer makes a purchase or abandons a cart. This helps maximize sales and increase repeat purchase rate by making sure your reach your customers at the ultimate point in the buying journey.

Types of flows

We've created a library of top-performing flows for you to use to boost your ROI. You've got email flows, SMS + email flows, and SMS only flows that are divided into the following groups:

  • Retention 
  • Customer care
  • Shopify Events
  • Integrations


Available triggers


Every flow must have a trigger. A flow's trigger is what sets it in motion. 


The following types of triggers are available:

  • Order-related: triggers such as order placement, order shipping, delivery etc. 
  • Shipping: order fulfillment and shipping confirmation 
  • SMSBump: new subscriber confirmation 
  • Customer-related: new registration, customer winback etc. 
  • Product-related: new product created, updated or deleted 
  • Integrations-related: triggers based on integrations with our partners. You should activate the integration before using the trigger.

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