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How to View and Understand Your SMSBump Analytics

SMSBump offers all users the ability to review and track their progress in sales made through Text Marketing and Automations using the Analytics feature. Making a habit of regularly checking your Shopify store’s statistics will help you gain clarity on how your business is growing, create a stronger marketing plan for the future and reach higher sales.


We have just re-launched our analytics tool that comes along with many great features - available for all our users at the moment! 


Accessing Your Analytics

To open your Analytics dashboard, navigate to the Analytics field from the side menu.


The Analytics Overview page will load and display a summary of key figures and visual information about your recent performance in terms of Text marketing, Automations  and many more.


Setting up the timeframe

Before diving in your data, you should choose which timeframe you want to analyze. You can select between days, months and even years. Use the Custom option if you want to select a specific time period.




General overview of your performance



The first thing you see in your analysis is a general overview of your performance. It includes:


  • Total revenue - how much money you made via SMSBump.
  • Total orders - how many purchases were made via text marketing.
  • Total ROI - this is your return on investment and is defined by the money you earned with SMSBump campaigns and the cost of sending all messages. 
  • Total spent - the total cost of the messages you sent to your customers. 


The green numbers you see in each box show the  difference in percentages from the previous time period.


Revenue streams



Next, you can review all the different revenue streams. They are divided in 5 categories: Text Marketing, Automations, Flows, Subscription forms and Keywords


For more detailed information, simply click on each stream. This will open a window with more specific data and analytics.


In case you want  to review all purchases that contributed to this revenue, select the View report option in the Sales graph. 


A new window with detailed report will show:

  • Order - ID number of the order
  • Amount - the total value of the order
  • Source - which channel contributed to the sale
  • Created on - when it was purchased


Now back to the general analytics overview. 


Subscribers information


In the Subscribers graph you can follow the growth of your subscribers list and see where the majority of them came from. In case you need additional information, just click on the View report and a new window with your subscribers list will appear. You can then filter them by country, source or even by name. 



Top Products


This is one of the most valuable new features our analytics tool offers. It allows you to track your most attractive products. From the View report you can access the whole list of purchased products.


Why is that so valuable? 

Knowing your current top performing products  allows you to skyrocket your sales by offering them as an add-on in your upsell campaigns. It will also help you determine in which products you should invest the most in terms of advertising. 


Top performing automations



The automations table will show you which are your most successful automations and what results do they bring. 


If you click on  the View report button, a new window with all automations will appear. It displays how many times an automation was sent, how many clicks and revenue it generated and its status. From the actions button, you can go to each of the analytics and additional information about it. 






This section gives you more information on the performance of each integration. This analytics shows the total number of clicks generated by all integrations., what is their conversion rate and  revenue. For the full list of integrations, simply use the View report button. 


Top customers



Another nice addition to the analytics section is the list of your top customers. Those are the people that have purchased the most from you. This information is particularly useful when you are either celebrating big events or launching new product lines. Show your most loyal customers some extra care by sending them “Thank you” notes, press boxes or even small gifts. 


To learn even more about them click on View report. There you can see when was the last time the customer has made a purchase, since when he is your customer, how many times he ordered and what is the total amount of his purchases.


Top text marketing campaigns


Use this section to understand better your one-off campaigns. It displays the top marketing campaigns as it provides you with additional information about them, such as when it was sent, how many times, how many clicks it generated and what was the revenue from it. 


A cool feature is the ability to repeat successful campaigns directly from the analytics menu. And if you want to know more details, just use the blue button in actions.






You can also keep track of the messages that you are sending and how much they’ve cost you. The analytics also show you the status of your messages. 


  • Sent - The SMS was sent to your customer
  • Smart_send - The message won’t be sent because of the smart sent regulations you’ve set in your settings
  • Unsubscribed - The customer has already unsubscribed from your texts
  • Failed - The message has been sent from the application but has failed to be delivered to the destination. This could be due to multiple reasons from downstream carrier issues to handset connectivity. You can always reach out to our support team to investigate such status' further with our providers 




We also provide you with a shortcut to all orders made via SMS. If you click on the Order ID, you will be redirected to the specific order in your Shopify menu. 



Don`t forget to contact us if you have some questions or if you have some feedback for this feature, we would really appreciate it!

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