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An Introduction to Yotpo SMSBump Integrations

Installing Partner apps in Yotpo SMSBump extends your business opportunities and makes SMS marketing campaigns more powerful. You have integrations for increasing your Shopify store sales, managing your customer support, executing different E-Commerce marketing strategies, and more.


Managing Integrations


Click on Integrations on the Yotpo SMSBump side menu.

All of the integrations that are compatible with Yotpo SMSBump will appear on the page. After successfully installing an integration it will appear in Installed, while all others will be in Not installed. Click on an integration to learn more about it.



You can quickly start the integration process by clicking the Install button. Learn more button will lead you to extended review and guidelines for this integration.


Check out a list of all available integrations:


  • Klaviyo Contact Sync: Craft SMS marketing campaigns that reflect the same strategy of your emails. Sync your contact lists in Yotpo SMSBump and join email and SMS campaign efforts to increase Shopify sales.

  • Checkout X: Grow your SMS marketing list with an opt-in at checkout and let customers place orders through any payment gateway. Recover lost sales with abandoned cart messages, and notify customers with an SMS when they purchase a product from your store.

  • One Click Upsell: Add post-purchase upsells to boost sales. Customers add products to their purchase with a single click.

  • Yotpo: Collect user generated content: product, site reviews, photos and videos, reach customers where they spend the most of their time: on their phones. 

  • ReConvert: Sync customer birthdays with your Yotpo SMSBump app and send them a message on a chosen day prior, on or after their birthday.

  • MailChimp Contact Sync: Connect your MailChimp account to Yotpo SMSBump and all of your contacts will automatically be added in any marketing list of your choice.

  • ReCharge: Use the recurring billing feature to have full control of customer notifications on charging. Send text messages to customers of upcoming charges, when they sign up for a subscription payment, create abandoned cart flows, and more.

  • Gorgias: Use this ticketing system to offer efficient customer support, cutting response time by 30-50%.

  • Slack: Provide a quality customer experience by receiving notifications and responding to questions in an instant, using the Yotpo SMSBump chat. Get notified when your balance is low, and get a report on your text marketing campaign 24 hours after its launch.

  • Smile: Build a happy base of subscribers and inspire loyalty among your customers by rewarding them with points and VIP treatment.

  • Carthook: Set up a seamless and quick checkout process. Recover carts and send new order confirmation while building up your subscribers list.

  • Zendesk: Reply to customer inquiries straight away in a single location, while increasing agent productivity through the ticketing system.

  • Yotpo Loyalty: Build a community of loyal customers and launch exclusive reward campaigns to boost repeat purchases.

  • LoyaltyLion: Start building better relationships with your customers: reward them for their purchases, improve retention rates and turn them into brand advocates.

  • Re:amaze: Improve customer support efficiency and decrease response time by up to 50%. Manage all communications from a single platform, while ensuring subscribers will receive support on their most preferred channel - SMS.

  • Bold Cashier: Add features to your current checkout that will increase your revenue streams.

  • OptiMonk: Create user-friendly pop-ups, side messages and notification bars that fit your brand. Pair it with Yotpo SMSBump to grow your subscribers and convert them into buying customers with personalized messages.

  • Privy: Set up creative pop-ups and banners, gather mobile phone numbers, segment subscribers and launch personalized SMS marketing campaigns. 

  • Justuno: Create catchy pop-ups, collect phone numbers and grow your text marketing subscribers with the help of personalized notifications and promotions.

  • Wheelio: Craft an interactive exit intent pop-up: exciting fortune wheel with selected bonuses that will give visitors an incentive to opt in and will help you grow your subscribers.

  • Happy Birthday Discounts: Surprise your customers with a special discount code that they receive on  their birthday. Customer birthdays are captured on the order confirmation page, POS, landing page and through importing. You are then able to sync them to Yotpo SMSBump.



Configuring Integrations


Each E-Commerce integration with a Shopify app has its own specific requirements for configuration and connection with your SMSBump app. You will have detailed setup tutorials for each integration you want to set up.


Click on any integration to see a brief Overview of the integration as well as its Features to see if you find it useful for your next SMS marketing campaign.

For example, this is the Overview of the integration with Privy. In this case we have a single Install button that begins your app connection process.



Important: Each integration will have its own specific installation & connection process.


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