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An Introduction to SMSBump Integrations

Find out how you can use SMSBump's partner apps to integrate features together and strengthen your SMS marketing campaigns. You will learn about specific integrations that can increase your sales, customer support productivity and more.

Syncing Klaviyo Contacts with SMSBump

In this article we will walk you through the process of connecting your Klaviyo contacts to start growing your business using both SMS and email marketing.

How to Install ReConvert and Automate Birthday SMS in Shopify

Learn how to integrate ReConvert with SMSBump and send customers birthday discount SMS messages, making them feel all warm and fuzzy on their special day.

How to Set Up and Use OneClickUpsell in SMSBump

Are you curious to learn how to increase your sales following recently made orders? This help post introduces the OneClickUpsell app which together with SMSBump helps recover OCU abandoned carts and send order created SMS notifications.

How to Connect and Use ReCharge in SMSBump

ReCharge allows Shopify stores to offer recurring billing to its customers and send them payment reminders. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to connect and use the ReCharge app in SMSBump to send subscription automations to your customers.

The SMSBump <> ReCharge Integration with New Automation Options

We are happy to announce the newest options available for the ReCharge Upcoming Payment automation: skip a monthly payment and upsell a product, both possible via a simple keyword.

How to Set Up and Use Smile in SMSBump

Reward your loyal customers with points or dollars that they can spend towards a store purchase. Follow these steps to learn how to set up and use the Smile integration in SMSBump.

How to Install and Configure Slack in SMSBump

Follow the steps in the guide to install and configure Slack in SMSBump so you can ramp up your customer support with one click responses and receive notification reports on your text marketing campaigns.

How to Integrate and Use Gorgias in SMSBump

Follow these steps on how to integrate the Gorgias partner app in SMSBump. Use the Gorgias ticketing system to solve issues fast and offer customers an excellent customer service.

Grow Your SMSBump Text Message Subscribers with CartHook

SMSBump is thrilled to announce our new partnership with CartHook - a native Shopify custom checkout & funnel builder.

Connect Zendesk and SMSBump For Great Customer Support

We are here today to show you how to connect SMSBump chat and Zendesk support platform so you are confident you will never miss a message from your customer.

How to Connect Bold Cashier and SMSBump on Shopify

In this article we will show you how to configure and connect Bold Cashier and SMSBump in your Shopify store.

Increase customer retention with SMSBump and LoyaltyLion

The new SMSBump and LoyaltyLion integration will help you build better relationships with your customers. Send reward point reminders to get more customers to come back and claim their rewards.

How to Connect Happy Birthday Discounts with SMSBump in Shopify

To give your customers personalized birthday wishes from your Shopify store at the right time, you can now connect your SMSBump app with the Happy Birthday Discounts app. Let's show you how!

Master Creative Pop-Ups with the Justuno and SMSBump Integration

Justuno helps Shopify merchants create pop-up notifications and promotions, and customize them so they best represent your brand. Let’s give you a quick tutorial on how to setup the integration so you can enjoy increasing subscription rates shortly!

How to Connect Checkout X and SMSBump

Use Checkout X to capture opt-ins straight from your Shopify checkout page and send customers SMS reminders. Follow this guide to learn how to integrate Checkout X with SMSBump and start launching abandoned cart automations to recover more sales!

Scale Your Business with Intercart and SMSBump

Combining SMSBump and Intercart you could grow your subscribers list while your customers buy from you. You will be able to send them abandoned cart reminders and order confirmations.

Grow Your Subscribers With OptiMonk’s Powerful Pop-Ups

A quick tutorial how to set up SMSBump x OptiMonk integration.

Grow Your Text Marketing List With Gamified Pop-Ups by Wheelio

We’ve partnered with Wheelio to offer you gamified exit popups which can easily collect phone numbers and engage customers to make a purchase.

Drive More Repeat Sales with the SMSBump and Yotpo Loyalty

The new SMSBump <> Yotpo Loyalty integration will help Shopify store owners build a community of loyal customers and increase sales by launching exclusive reward campaigns.

SMSBump and Yotpo Integration to Gather Customer Reviews

Let’s show you how you can integrate and use SMSBump and Yotpo to send Customer Review Automations via SMS and enjoy better open and response rates. Keep in mind that in order to connect the two apps, you need to have both installed on your Shopify stor

Connect SMSBump and Re:amaze to Boost Customer Care

Integrating the two apps is the shortcut to boosting customer happiness and decreasing response time by up to 50%

Synchronizing Privy Campaigns with SMSBump

By connecting SMSBump and Privy you will be able to rapidly increase your list of subscribers and benefit from the combined strength and effectiveness of both applications: gather mobile phone numbers, segment subscribers and launch personalized SMS marke

Collect SMS Subscribers via Recart's Messenger Bot

Connecting the two apps will allow you to activate a Messenger bot to collect phone numbers and subscribe users for your text marketing.

Connect SMSBump and to Power Product Reviews

Connecting and SMSBump is easy and will it make possible for your store to compliantly collect product reviews from mobile-savvy customers, who prefer to use their phone for shopping and other everyday activities. Such as leaving awesome reviews.

How to Connect SMSBump with your ShopWIN Checkout

ShopWIN is a custom checkout, allowing you to optimize the shopping experience of your customers. Combining the app with SMSBump will help you supercharge your sales, increase conversion rates and recover more abandoned carts.

Connect SMSBump and Alloy for a Fully Automated Experience

Alloy is a no-code eCommerce platform that helps you save time and money by integrating your apps and automating daily routine tasks. Combining the app with SMSBump will help you boost your sales, recover more abandoned carts and significantly improve you

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