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How to Manage Your Yotpo SMSBump Notifications

Turn on and off all the important Yotpo SMSBump related notifications you want to receive about low balance, SMS chat replies, dedicated numbers, pending messages, new features and lots more. Use the new Notification Center in the SMSBump app settings.

How to Configure Your Yotpo SMSBump App Settings

Your Yotpo SMSBump Settings control the way your app works in your Shopify store. Configure settings like SMS sender, do not disturb hours, max text message price, time zones and more.

Customizing Your Service Messages

Service messages are SMS responses customers will receive when they reply to your numbers with a predefined keyword.

SMS Attribution Explained

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of SMS Attribution, why it is so helpful and how to configure the attribution settings in your Yotpo SMSBump account.

How to Use UTM Codes to Track Your SMS Results

With the Yotpo SMSBump UTM builder you can create your own UTM parameters, track your links and measure the results of your SMS marketing campaigns.

Personalize your customer Interactions with a Contact card

Personalization in SMS marketing is key to improving conversion rates and building a strong brand identity. Thanks to our Contact card feature, you can now personalize your communication starting from the very first customer interaction.

How to Set Your Auto Reload Cap Limit

The cap limit notification assures you won't be charged more than amount you configure in Settings in 30 days. It will appear when you are close to reaching your limit.

How to Enable Auto-Reload for Text Message Credits in Shopify

Why are my text messages not sending? Low funds might be one of the reasons. Learn how to enable your automatic SMS credits reload in Shopify so your text message sending isn't interrupted.

The Complete Guide on Timezones for SMS Marketing in Shopify

Yotpo SMSBump lets you set your timezone to ensure accurate SMS campaign scheduling. This article will show you the steps required to set your timezone in the SMSBump settings.

Enforced Quiet Hours (US, Canada & Puerto Rico Stores Only)

One of the new improvements to Yotpo SMSBump was to make your default Quiet Hours always active from 23:59 to 08:30 for Shopify stores in the United States only.

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