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Introduction to SMS Flows

Yotpo SMSBump Flows will help you create a sequence of automated actions based upon different triggers - to create engaging 1:1 conversations, covering the entire sales funnel and making your marketing campaigns much more tailored and effective.

How to Build a Flow From Scratch

With the help of this tutorial you will learn how to build and launch a custom flow in Yotpo SMSBump.

How to Set the Frequency of Your Flows

Learn how to set up the timing and trigger options of your SMS Flows.

How to Enable the Back in Stock Flow

Our Back In Stock flow allows you to capture subscribers and automatically notify them when items they want become available.

How to Use A/B Testing in Flows

With the A/B Testing feature you'll be able to boost the performance and results of your Yotpo SMSBump Flows.

Welcome New Subscribers with a Flow

A welcome flow is an automated message sent to every new subscriber. No matter what the subscription source is - it can be from a pop-up, a keyword, or even Shopify checkout!

How to Create and Use Conversational Flows

Yotpo SMSBump Conversational flows will allow you to communicate with your subscribers via text messages and trigger different automation scenarios depending on their answers.

How to Create a Browse Abandonment Flow

With the help of the Browse Abandonment flow merchants will be able to identify website visitors, track their behavior and send them tailored SMS offers later on.

Transactional messages FAQs

Find out what transactional messages are and when and how you can use them.

How to personalize Shopify notifications with Yotpo SMSBump flows

Find out how to deactivate Shopify’s existing transactional messages and set up and customize your own in SMSBump.

Adding AI-Powered Cross-Sell Recommendations to your SMS Flows

The following article will show how to quickly set up a cross-sell flow with a personalized product recommendation.

Drive More Repeat Sales with SMS and Loyalty

The synergy between Yotpo SMSBump and Loyalty will enable you to target customers with hyper-personalized messages at just the right moment, promote your Loyalty program to SMS subscribers, and increase sales by launching exclusive reward campaigns.

Boost Your Reviews Strategy With Review Request Flows

See how you can easily enable product and site review request flows to level up your strategy and grow your brand.

View the reviews from happy Shopify merchants worldwide who succeed with SMSBump.

Build your SMS marketing strategy. Grow your text message subscriber lists. Segment your audience and automate SMS marketing messages that boost your revenue and ROI.