15 Easter SMS Templates to Make Sales Bloom

Easter is a couple of weeks away. But even in the present situation, you probably already started feeling the new season creeping in. And your store has probably already gotten all dressed up in beautiful spring colors, luminous texts and sun-kissed Easter deals.

Have you been thinking both of how pretty you want your eggs to turn out this year, but in the meantime - how to make your Easter sales bloom?

We thought you might have a lot in your basket (you see what we did there ;)). So, like usual, we cracked open the creativity jar and are bringing you some of our best Easter-themed SMS and MMS templates. And more importantly - because we know Easter is the time when most brands put all their eggs on one plate, in effort to: 

  1. Clear up some last-year winter merchandize 

  2. Announce their spring collection

  3. Give an early start to their summer vibes 

...we prepared a couple of text marketing examples to fit all three occasions.

Now let’s let Easter in… 


Winter Templates 


{SiteName}: Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean what you think it does, {FirstName}.? For us, it’s time to clean up some winter inventory & treat our customers to awesome Easter deals: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 



{SiteName}: Spring is here, {FirstName}! But we still have some winter merch lying around. With our slashed prices you can get some unexpected Easter gifts: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 



{SiteName}: Let’s celebrate spring with some last-minute winter shopping! Get geared up for the next frosty season and enjoy our special offers, up to 40% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: We know you’re thinking about long summer nights but hold on! Winter is only a couple of months away. Shop our belated winter sale and save some for your dream summer vacation: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out.

Spring Templates 


{SiteName}: Take a break from painting eggs, {FirstName}, and do some shopping. Up to 50% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Offer ends when the Easter bunny hops away from your house. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: We have some eggcellent Easter deals for you, {FirstName}. Fill up your basket with great stuff, now at reduced prices: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: The Easter bunny and its basket of offers has hopped all the way to you, {FirstName}! It did some inventory clean up and is here with awesome discounts: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Hoppy Easter from {SiteName}, {FirstName}! Crack open our vibrant offers now and get a bunny-special surprise in your checkout: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


Easter is here, time for an egg hunt, {FirstName}. Our eggs come wrapped in promos, up to 40% on all items at {SiteName}: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


Summer Templates 

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, is there a better way to mark Easter than with some awesome new arrivals? Breeze through our eggciting collection and get ready for summer: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: Easter and the weather inspired us to create an awesome summer collection. Browse through it and have an early start to the sunny season: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: We know it’s just April and you are getting your hands dirty with some egg painting but… Take a minute to admire our early summer collection: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: You are special to us, {FirstName}. This is why we want you to hear about our newest, hot and steamy summer arrivals first: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: Dreaming of your next vacation, {FirstName}? Get ready for your summer adventures with our brand new sun-kissed merchandise: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 



Sand, sea, sun…but it’s only April. {SiteName} has a sun-sational collection to keep your summer spirit up, Cassie: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


Take these examples and tweak them to your own brand voice. Or if you are looking for some extra inspiration, check out one of our other holiday-inspired articles.

We wish you a joyous Easter! And don’t forget to let us know how your campaigns turned out with SMSBump


Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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