Your SMS Strategy for Maximizing Revenue This Memorial Day

Every year Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May and marks the unofficial start of the summer season. For many brands it is one of the most important retail events of the year and the perfect occasion to launch their new seasonal collections.

Traditionally, Memorial Day sales are focused on home appliances, mattresses, barbeques, yard and gardening equipment, outdoor and patio furniture, pool supplies, sports equipment and all kinds of accessories related to outdoor activities. 

2021 Memorial Day

This year we celebrate Memorial Day on May 31. As the situation in most parts of the country begins to bounce back to normal, people are looking forward to what might be their first family gathering in months, which reflects in their eagerness to spend. 

According to a recent research, consumers have already adapted to continued lockdowns, B&M store restrictions and the new shopping alternatives. Just last year most people, 83% to be precise, claimed they plan to return to in-store shopping as quickly as possible, while in 2021 77% of consumers are already used to (and actually prefer) online shopping, and are about 235% more likely to continue to do so. This gives eCommerce brands a huge opportunity to score big with Memorial day sales. 

While there are still certain restrictions and the situation is changing by the minute, there are many things brands can do to engage with their customers and market their promotions or new products. And sending an SMS shoutout to announce a holiday flash sale or a hot new summer collection is always a good idea! With its 98% open rate and high levels of personalization, SMS is the preferred channel if you want to make sure your message will really reach your audience and make an impact.    

And now… let the countdown begin!


12 Days Before Memorial Day

Strategy: Use SMS to create buzz about your upcoming flash sale or brand new summer collection.  
Launch date: May 19
Target: ALL customers

Now is the time to start the hype about your Memorial Day sales with a timely warm-up SMS campaign. Get your customers in the right mood for shopping by announcing your pre-sale deals. Try to keep the discounts lower at this point, as you’ll want to save the best deals for your VIP customers later on, or for the Last Chance sales push around the big day.

Send your first Memorial Day SMS campaign around May 19. Most brands will start to actively promote their offers for the long weekend just a few days before, so such an early launch will give you a great head-start and your customers will be notified about your offers well before others reach out to them. 

Furthermore, people tend to plan their Memorial Day weekend well in advance so it might be better to spread the news about your offers as early as possible, to give customers time to stock up on necessities

You know what they say: early bird gets the worm. And early birds will become your favorite type of holiday shoppers, as they will help you get some sales in, even before the holidays begin.

You don’t need special targeting - quite the contrary - let EVERYONE know about your Memorial day sales! Sending a timely SMS with a personalized touch will help you make sure that each and every one of your customers will get the announcement for your hot summer deals. 

Pro tip: Try not to be too salesy or pushy with the copy of your text messages - remember to be considerate and to celebrate respectfully. Use the opportunity to convey a patriotic theme. Especially on this occasion, it might be a better idea to avoid strong FOMO.

Memorial Day SMS Templates


  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, the countdown to Memorial Day starts with our exclusive sale! Use code {DiscountCode} for {DiscountValue} off sitewide: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Hi {FirstName}, here are our top 20 ideas on how to welcome the summer in style! Enjoy {DiscountValue} OFF your next purchase with us: {DiscountCodeUrl} 



7 Days Before Memorial Day

Strategy: Use SMS to send special offers to your most favorite shoppers. 
Launch date: May 24
Target: Loyal and high-value customers

Exactly one week before the holiday weekend is the right time to send out an exclusive Memorial Day offer to your most loyal and high-value customers. Consider it as another option for an early bird campaign, but for the VIPs. These people bring in a significant part of your revenue by making either bigger, or repetitive purchases, or in other words - these are your top spenders. 

Show your appreciation and special attention by sending them exclusive offers, or a sneak peek at a brand new product/collection. Now is the time to really go BIG on discounts. Such targeted SMS campaigns will help you reach out to your most valuable segment of customers, boost AOV, CLV, and improve your overall store performance. Moreover, with the latest third-party data changes announced by Apple and Google, engaging loyalty programs will remain one of the best ways to nurture your customer-brand relations.

Pro tip: Personalization is key - use first names to greet your customers to create a feeling of bond and trust.

Memorial Day SMS Templates


  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, check out our special Memorial Day sale and enjoy some a-may-zing sitewide discounts of up to {DiscountValue}: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, summer is here! U ready? ‘Cos we sure are! Take a sneak peek into our hot new summer collection and enjoy {DiscountValue} off. {DiscountCodeUrl} 



3 Days Before Memorial Day

Strategy: Use SMS to engage your churned customers.
Launch date: May 28
Target: Customers who have not made a purchase yet

Let the Memorial Day festivities begin! Now is the time to get your customers all prepped up for the longer holiday weekend with appealing & personalized offers. 

Whether it will be a short-time flash sale, or a special package deal - the choice is yours! Combining products in bundles will help you boost sales and at the same time clear out the shelves from some slow-moving items. 

If you already approached all your customers with an early-bird campaign and sent out exclusive offers to your VIP customers, this campaign should be focused on the people who have not made a purchase from your Memorial Day sales just yet. Maybe they liked your offer, but got too distracted over the long weekend and simply forgot? Send them a timely reminder about your sizzling hot deals.  

Pro tip: Present an appealing offer - traditionally, Memorial Day sales are bigger than usual and can be compared in terms of value to BFCM promotions. Big discounts, gift vouchers + free shipping will serve as a great incentive for customers to hit the Purchase button. And remember, always use a clear call to action

Memorial Day SMS Templates


  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, Memorial Day is quickly approaching, but are you all set up for the festivities? Check our most popular items ON SALE at: {DiscountCodeUrl}


  SMS Template 2:

Hey {FirstName}, time for some red, white and NEW. Get in a summer state of mind with us at {SiteName} and enjoy a free GIFT with every purchase! {DiscountCodeUrl} 



Memorial Day

Strategy: Use SMS for some last-minute sales.
Launch date: May 31
Target: All customers

The goal here is simple. Use this campaign as a last chance to move some slow-running products. Now is not the time to hold back - boost the discount value and keep those sales coming. 

This is where you can include a subtle hint of urgency, just to let shoppers know that the deals will soon expire. Remember to remain respectful and avoid being too pushy or aggressive when it comes to sales and messaging on this special day. 

Memorial Day SMS Templates


  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, have you heard about our massive Memorial Day sale already? Use code {DiscountCode} and enjoy {DiscountValue} off selected items: {DiscountCodeUrl}


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Hi {FirstName}, our late Memorial Day specials are still available for you! Grab up to {DiscountValue} off sitewide. Offer is valid until the end of the day. {DiscountCodeUrl}



Bonus Option

Even if you don’t have a special promotion this Memorial Day, it is always a good idea to reach out to your customers with some heartfelt message to commemorate the day or simply thank them for being there for you. 

It will help you strengthen the bond with your audience and position your brand top of mind on this special day.  

Another great idea is to use the occasion and make a company announcement or launch a care campaign.  

Memorial Day SMS Templates


  SMS Template 1:

On this special day we recognize and celebrate our heroes. Have a safe holiday with your family and friends. From our entire team at {SiteName}.


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}! This is just to let you know that 5% of all our Memorial Day proceedings will go towards supporting veterans and their families. Care to join? Shop today: {SiteUrl} Have a good day!


These were our top strategies on how to engage with your customers this Memorial Day. 

If you need some more inspiration, check out these 11 ready-to-use text marketing templates  - simply copy, paste and schedule your holiday SMS campaigns!

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