How to Boost Subscription-Based Sales in Shopify with SMSBump

ReCharge makes selling subscriptions simple. SMSBump helps your Shopify store retain those subscriptions and increase them even more.
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What's a Double Opt-In for SMS Marketing & How to Create Yours

The single opt-in happens when a customer adds their phone number in a subscription field on your website. The double opt-in happens when you send them an SMS so they can confirm their subscription by clicking a link.
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How to Grow Your SMSBump Subscriber List with Justuno

SMSBump and Justuno make a killer combo for growing your text message marketing lists. Learn how to pair them.
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Create and Customize Your SMSBump Subscription Form in Shopify

July 30, 2018
Subscription forms are a great way to gain more subscribers for your future marketing campaigns in Shopify.
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How to Cancel Your SMSBump Subscription

April 7, 2017
To cancel your SMSBump subscription, you need to go to your PayPal account.
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