How Syncing MailChimp with SMSBump Helps Drive Shopify Sales

January 28, 2019
Now you can use SMSBump and MailChimp together to add SMS notifications to your email marketing strategy. You can sync your MailChimp contact lists with SMSBump and start messaging them with your updates, promotions and marketing campaigns.
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What's in the New SMSBump Enterprise Plan for Shopify Stores Going Big?

January 23, 2019
The new SMSBump Enterprise plan includes all SMS marketing features, absolute global reach, custom pricing and a custom SMS shortcode just for your Shopify store.
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eCommerce Fastlane: How to Invest Less to Make More in Shopify with SMSBump

Learn about the stunning ROI and extra revenue generated using the extremely affordable tactic of automating SMS in an omnichannel environment to recover abandoned carts, reactivate idle customers and dramatically increase Shopify conversion rates.
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How to Use Smart Sending to Ensure You Don't SPAM Customers

On your end, you will be confident with scheduling multiple SMS campaigns without spamming customers. On your customer’s end, they will be happy you’re not overloading them with messages and remain your loyal subscribers.
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How to Grow Your SMSBump Subscriber List with Justuno

SMSBump and Justuno make a killer combo for growing your text message marketing lists. Learn how to pair them.
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What's My Text Marketing Sender ID (From) for Customers in the U.S?

Sending text messages for marketing your E-Commerce products in the United States & Canada has a lot of benefits. It’s a much more fast, cost-effective, personal and direct channel for reaching customers compared to email.
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How to Cancel Your SMSBump Subscription

April 7, 2017
To cancel your SMSBump subscription, you need to go to your PayPal account.
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Recent Interview on Using Text Messages for Marketing

How to approach text messaging marketing in 2017. Read the latest tips and tricks.
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Importing Numbers in SMSBump the Proper Way

Importing lists can be challenging as most E-Commerce stores do not require clients to input their country codes. We are excited to introduce a brand new feature - the phone number validator!
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How to Use the Opt-Out Feature of SMSBump?

October 12, 2016
Along with every marketing campaign, whether it is over email or SMS, you should give users an easy way to unsubscribe from your messages.
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