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6 Powerful SMS Templates for Your Christmas Marketing Campaign in 2018

It’s Christmas time! Shopify merchants, you better be ready for getting those holiday sales rolling in because customers are preparing to break spending records.

  • 12,3% of the total predicted Christmas sales in 2018 will come from online stores, according to eMarketer.

  • Ecommerce Christmas sales are predicted to increase by 16,6% from 2017 to about $123,73 billion, the report says.

In this post, you’ll find a few examples of SMS templates for Christmas you can take and turn them into your own so you can get more sales.

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Now that you’re ready to blast out thousands of SMS Christmas promotions, let’s give you a few ideas.



Don’t overload customers

A single SMS promotion on Christmas day can be enough. If your customers are interested in your store, one message will do the trick.

But they leave something in their shopping cart… sure, why not give them a gentle nudge with an additional abandoned cart SMS alert?

Setup your SMS automations to remind customers about their forgotten checkouts to get those orders completed.

Blast out exclusive offers

Give customers an exclusive Christmas deal they can’t refuse. Try going for a bigger discount on popular and bestselling items.

Try targeting customers based on their product interests to combine exclusiveness with personalization and make the offer much more attractive for customers.

Hit the timing sweet spot

If you’re aware of the times when your customers are most engaged with your store or previous campaigns, focus on that. Still, remember that Christmas day is unlike any other shopping day.

Remember to enable your Quiet Hours if you want to avoid sending marketing messages at inappropriate times during the night.

6 SMS templates for Christmas you should steal

Here are a few SMS marketing examples for Christmas you can copy and get the snowball of cash rolling!


1. Build Up the Anticipation

Send SMS notifications to your customers to rev up the hype for your Christmas sales.

Build up the Christmas deals anticipation with an SMS alert!

  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Be the first to uncover our crazy Christmas deals with up to 50% OFF all products at and have a Merry Christmas!



2. Announce New Products with a Bang

Christmas is a great time to promote your new products and encourage customers to get them with a great deal!

  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: New Christmas Arrivals You'll Love are Here! Get them now with a special 25% OFF at using code CHRISTMAS!



3. Share Instantly Exciting Offers

The Christmas holidays are all about getting the best possible deals and discounts. Run a BOGO offer to spike conversions!


  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Celebrate Christmas with our Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deals! Choose from 3,000+ apparel items at and get a free item!



4. Christmas is About Giving

Give away a free gift to each customer with their purchase to get more sales going and make your customers feel special.


  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Your holiday gift is waiting! We have a present for you. Check it out at our store at to claim your free present!



5. Extended Sale for Last Minute Shoppers

Extended sales are a great way to increase your revenue. They are perfect for those procrastinators and last minute shoppers who need a bit more time.


  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Worried you're missing out on Christmas deals? Don't, even we're too lazy to put ours down and it's still available at



6. Announce the End of the Deals

Boost last minute sales by adding a sense of urgency with an SMS alert that the Christmas deals are ending soon.


  Full SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Last day of the Christmas SALE! Final chance to get your 20% OFF all items on before the deals expire.



Happy Holidays!

From all of us at SMSBump, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful new year! Let us know how your Christmas sales are going with the SMS templates and don't forget to claim your bonus credits!



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